Carrie’s World


Mayhem Universe

The Mayhem Universe, the crossroads of good and evil, where time is fluid and its waters run deep, stretching further back than we can see, extending to distances beyond what we comprehend. In a realm where heroes are freaks and villains sometimes win, even the past is uncertain.


The Borderliners

A look at The Borderliners: Betrayal (A Novel)


Short Stories

A glossary of the original short stories that I have published on my blog.


Poetic Forms

I have compiled the lessons and knowledge of poetic forms that I’ve picked up over the years. This dictionary is a collection of data from journals, post-it notes, e-files, reader contribution, and bookmarked websites.


Blog Posts

A collection of original poetry, short stories, and photography along with a bit of personal life and sneak peaks of Betrayal and Genesis.




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