A Wolf

You are a wolf in sheep’s clothes,
Walking unseen by your foes.
I have listened to your lies,
Found the truth inside your eyes,
You believe that no one knows.

I heard you howl in the throes
Of your narcissistic woes.
I can see through your disguise.
You are a wolf.

Your barbaric nature shows
As your audacity grows,
Casting uncredited cries
Carelessly into the skies.
In due time I will expose…
You are a wolf.



Image courtesy of Designspiration.net


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Behind the Mask

You can’t see me crying behind the mask.
You don’t know I’m sighing behind the mask.

Adorned to society’s standards,
For I am trying behind the mask.

I embellish with a painted smile,
Endlessly lying behind the mask.

My performance so believable,
You have ceased prying behind the mask.

The girl you know is a fallacy,
And she is dying behind the mask.



Inspiring image, Colloquium, by baroquedoll on DeviantArt.com


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A warm greeting,
An embrace.
A genuine smile
Upon your face

Hidden motives
Behind your eyes,
A cordial front
To mask the lies.

Quietly judging
Behind your grin.
You draw your knife
And plunge it in.

Betrayed no more,
This myth shall end.
You, my darling,
Are not my friend.