Short Stories

A glossary of short stories that I have published on this blog.

‘Til Death Do Us Part – The story of true love, loss, and sacrifice. (fiction/drama – 536 words)

A Christmas Wish – A tale about a street savvy little girl and the only item on her wish list.  (fiction/Christmas – 1,498 words)

Chaos, a Hairball, and an Unwanted Surprise – The making of a bad day. (non-fiction/comedic – 760 words)

Closure – The story of a love that almost was. (fiction/drama – 682 words)

Cooper the Cat – A street wise kitty seeks freedom and finds a new family. (fiction/adventure – 1,977 words)

Greed – A story about brothers, peer pressure, and greed. (fiction/drama – 1,073 words)

Hot Garbage – The true story of why taking out the garbage is man’s work. (non-fiction/comedic – 735 words)

Nightmare – An unseen horror is inadvertently disturbed. (non-fiction/adventure – 1,868 words)

Push For Help – The tale of 6 strangers trapped in an elevator. (fiction/comedic – 2,697 words)

The Apple – A story about a special bond between grandmother and grandson. (fiction/drama – 1,292 words)

The Tempest’s Tower 1: Vengeance – A mysterious little girl struggles to control inexplicable powers. This is the first short story in a new superhero universe that was inspired by an epic poem; Waterbender, part 1  / Waterbender, part 2. (fiction/superhero – 2,832 words)

The Tempest’s Tower 2: New Beginning – The follow up story to The Tempest’s Tower: Part 1. Our Atmokinetic meets the Waterbender. Keep up with all of the superhero action by using the “Category” menu on my blog’s main page to select the Mayhem Universe option. (fiction/superhero – 2,642 words)


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