Back in April, I shared a poem titled “Eternity“. It’s actually still one of my top 10 posts of all time. My husband wrote it for me years ago. That piece was actually part of a set of 2 poems. “Forever” and “Eternity” both still hang on my bedroom wall to this day.


For the last 4 years of my life I have been truly blessed. I never imagined the amount of happiness that could be bestowed upon me.

Over time our love has grown into something out of a fairy tale. We are inseparable, the victims of unconditional love.

Riches and wealth could be bestowed upon us and it wouldn’t make any difference. Our love is so strong that nothing can affect it. We just need each other and our family to make our lives and love complete.

Every passing day I feel like our bond is growing even stronger… more intense. We were placed on this Earth for each other. It is not a coincidence that we met. Our destiny was predetermined and it was fate that brought you into my life.

Volumes have been written and spoken about love but none share the intense feeling that I get when I lay eyes on you. That electricity is too strong to portray on paper or to vocalize. The current runs strong and will never fade.

Everything that I do is for you. I live for you. Every thought that runs through my head has something about you in it. The way you look at me makes my heart melt… it makes my head woozy with love. Your touch is exhilarating… electric. I long for that feeling.

Remember this year as the best year of your life. The birth of our son… the continuing maturation of our older children… the love that we share… no one on this Earth has a better or more fulfilling life than we do. The best part is that it has really only begun. We are infants in this wonderful relationship. Carrie, I love you now and forever.


It’s been a while since Brian has written poetry for me. Give this a like or leave a comment to encourage him to do it more often. 😉


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Bound to You

You found me roaming perdition.
Don’t ever send me back.
Know that you complete me.
What you have, I lack.
You liberated my heart.
Are you a hero or an angel?
Alive by cause of your love.
For which I am so grateful.
Until time ends I’ll stand true.
You honor me with devotion.
Know allegiance like never gauged.
What you need, that I become.
You will want for nothing.
Would you lay down your life for me?
Die for us? I’d not blink twice,
For I have found my destiny.


This poem was just one that was published in “Emily Sturgill’s Help Wanted: Poets please apply” anthology earlier this year. Read this and many more brilliant pieces by downloading your copy HERE. It’s FREE today! Emily’s collection covers a myriad of topics and includes 19 different poets, all from the WordPress community.


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With you…

Before you,
I was proud
To burn too bright.
I held my head high.
I was independent.

Before you,
I didn’t want
To divvy the light.
I kept it for myself.
I was obstinate.

Before you,
I never wanted
To be saved by night.
I impeded its relief.
I was isolated.

With you,
I have found
The beauty of contrast,
A prism for my rays.
I am humbled.

With you,
I want to share
The sky so vast,
A kaleidoscopic twilight.
I am better with you.

With you,
I dread no more
The gloom night might cast.
I can close my eyes.
I am at peace.

First Kiss

Loud debate,
Drunken laughter,
And the clang
Of raised glasses
Filled the air.
From the lit ends
Of cigarettes,
Streams of smoke
Rose in ribbons
And culminated
In a fog cloud
That hung low
Over an unkempt bar.
Through the haze
I noticed you,
Looking back at me
From atop your stool.
You acknowledged
My surprised stare
With a nod of your head
And a tip of your bottle.
The object of
My obsession
For weeks,
There you were.
The breath fled
From my lungs
When you smiled
And silently
Beckoned me over.
I forced my way
Through the dense,
Relentless crowd.
You rewarded my quest
By placing your hand
Upon my back
And pulling me close.
You sheltered me
In the arms of
Your protective
The heat of your hand
Burned into my soul,
Your mere proximity
Caused my heart
To miss a beat.
The din of
Our environs
Forced you close
As we spoke.
Nervous excitement
Consumed me
As I fixated
On your every word.
My gaze shifted
From your baby blues
To your satin lips
And back again.
Slowly your hand
Roamed down my back
Subtly drawing me
Into your orbit.
Muted the clamour
Until I could
Hear myself breathe.
The moments when
Our eyes locked
Lasted for an
Silent desire grew,
And time stopped.
The surrounding horde
Stood frozen.
You brought a
Hand to my face,
And delicately
Caressed my cheek.
You lowered your mouth,
Grazing mine
Just briefly
Before you pulled away.
Your expression
Begged my
Permission to proceed,
Your grasp on me
Demanded it.
My yearning turned
Frenzied rapture,
And I returned
My lips to yours.
Our hesitation
A distant memory
As tongues twisted
In exploration.
With disregard
To the forgotten masses,
We kissed
As though you and I
Were alone in
Your universe.
I felt immortal
In your embrace.
I could taste
On your tongue.
If we had spent
An aeon there,
It would not have
Been long enough.
Love was set free
By a spontaneous kiss,
In a prosaic place where
Two souls became one.