Without a Sound

From nightmares they can’t awaken
Their voices have been forsaken
All hope lost to never be found
Trapped souls screaming without a sound

Upon the agony they choke
Lamenting words they never spoke
With ropes of silence they are bound
Trapped souls screaming without a sound

By grief and sorrow entombed alive
Scratching and clawing to survive
Clenched fists in buried coffins pound
Trapped souls screaming without a sound

From nightmares they can’t awaken
Trapped souls screaming without a sound





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SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ Letter “O” ~ A poem titled “Ornamental” in oddquain form.

chosen one,
another bauble
to adorn His Majesty’s

dream come true
once upon a time,
before forgotten was her

an item,
a collectible,
merely a trinket of the

she’s become
but ornamental,
a simple hollow piece of

florid mask
in her reflection
obscures the void within her

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Electric Six

Image from Electric Six’s March 1st show at The Stache (inside The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI). This is me after the show with Electric Six front man, Dick Valentine. My husband got me tickets as a birthday month, day 1 gift. I told Dick that I am turning 40. He said I don’t look a day over 29. I really like that guy.

Day 5 of Steven Fox’s Alphabet Challenge and I am loving how this challenge is forcing me to branch out. No longer does this blog seem to be nothing more than a series of creative writing assignments. There is life here now, reality in small doses. It is time to show the world who I am and what makes me tick. Today, I give you the “E” in me. The music of Electric Six ~ they are the soundtrack of my soul, the rhythm my heartbeat, and the voice behind some of life’s greatest memories.

Electric Six is a band that originated from my home state of Michigan. The band was highly successful, particularly in the UK, in 2003-2004. According to Wikipedia, their style has been described as a brand of rock music infused with elements of garage, disco, punk rock, new wave and metal. To be a little more succinct and to put into my own words; it’s rock music you can dance to, infused with fun and absurdity. To best appreciate an Electric Six show, you must take it in along side a group of your most entertaining friends.

I was denied the light of Electric Six in my life until July of 2009. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when I was enlightened. It was a day of celebration, friends gathered together to feast and imbibe upon spirits. It was the day the music was resurrected. A great man they call Dan brought forth a gift. It was not the tangible sort you hold in your hands, but the kind that touches your soul. Joy erupted within my psyche as “Down at McDonnelzzz” off I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being the Master penetrated my ear drums. Before that glorious day came to a close I would also fall in love with “Dance Commander”, “Danger! High Voltage”, “Improper Dancing”, and “Gay Bar” all off Fire.

Today Electric Six serenades me as I write. They are there when I dance. They encourage me to sing. Their live shows are an anticipated event for me and my closest friends. I have seen them live no fewer than 7 times now, usually at The Intersection (or The Stache inside The Intersection) right here in Grand Rapids. Pre-show the band mingles with their fans. Once my husband bought drinks for himself and guitarist, Johnny Na$hinal while they took in an opening act together.  Post-show band members walk among the crowd and happily shake hands, sign autographs and take pictures. It is an experience, one I never miss when they come to town.

Here are a few photos from the latest show I attended, as well as a link to my favorite music video, for your pleasure.



Electric63 ~ Electric Six chooses to neither confirm nor deny the presence of Jack White’s voice as backup on Danger! High Voltage. I think we all know…

And because this is still a creative writing blog, an epitaph poem inspired by Electric Six’s “Egyptian Cowboy” lyrics (did you catch how many “E”s I tied together there?):
Here lies an
Egyptian Cowboy.
That identity was
Merely a ploy.
He set out to kill
But was stabbed instead.
He had pretty hair
But now he is dead.

You can learn more about the band at their website


My soul is on display
All the world’s a critic,
Subject to their judgment
Vicious and sadistic.

Navigating within this dream
Vulnerable and naked,
Put before prying eyes
Only to be degraded.

Shackled by the fully veiled
The ridicule they impose,
If I could, I’d run away
And put back on my clothes.