One More Bedtime Story

Dad, tell me a story,
Please just one more.
Tell me a bedtime fable
Like you did before.

One more story son,
Before I say goodnight.
I will tell you a tale that
I wish I could rewrite.

It is the legend
Of the Chosen One,
How at the end of life
His journey’d just begun.

He was exceptional,
Young, strong, unique,
An extraordinary soul,
The sort the deities seek.

They called upon him
Abruptly one late night.
With eternal darkness closing in,
They were desperate for his light.

Of course he was the pillar
They knew that he would be.
He didn’t hesitate to ask,
What do you need from me?

We need you to come with us.
You’ll know what to do,
But there is time for only one
To bid farewell to you.

The war between good and evil
Comes with a great cost.
To the others you’ll be gone,
To them you will be lost.

Return me to my father,
The source of this great power.
It is him I want to see
In my final hour…

Wait Dad, tell me now
Is this legend true?
Have I been sent here
Just to bid adieu?

Yes, it is real.
Tonight we say goodbye.
You are the Chosen One.
You, my son, can fly.

I don’t want to go, Dad.
I don’t wish to leave!
Please don’t cry father.
I can’t stand to see you grieve.

It’s alright my boy.
You will visit again my dreams,
And together we will fly
Amidst the silver moonbeams.

When you can’t see me Dad,
Know I am still near.
I will watch over you and
All those I hold dear.

I know you will, son.
I am so very proud.
You are my hero now,
Go soar among the clouds.


Photo by Steven Northup-Smith

Brain Gypsy

You promised
You’d never forget,
You’d keep me always in your

Reduced me
To a memory,
Demoted from eternal

Brain gypsy,
A nomadic flash,
Roaming unseen within your

Rather feel
The breeze than my touch.
To reminisce is all you

A relic
Worth recollection,
Unfit for a place in your

Clouds Like Shades

He was the moon,
The nights that it shone full,
His beams of light danced upon
The dark waters of my soul.

He was the vital sun,
Evoking my heart’s fire,
Torridity of his rays
Stoking my desire.

“I’ve fallen out of love with you”
His words came with a blow.
Like a fool I stood there mute,
And silently watched him go.

My psyche lay in ruins,
Robbed its luminescence.
I wept for him hollow tears
Alone there in his absence.

He’d pulled clouds like shades
Over my window to the skies.
He ushered in eternal nightfall
And denied me my sunrise.


SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ “Y”


Six months ago today
She drew her last breath.
Her grace and her beauty
Unfazed by her death.

He sees her still
As he gazes into night.
She lingers there waiting
In a beam of moonlight.

Her palm extended
She beckons him come.
He cannot resist her,
His beloved phantom.

In the ray of light
They dance and they laugh,
They love and they sing
Like she had not passed.

But his truth lies where
The sunlight is burning.
His post-twilight visions
Merely a symptom of yearning.

Image courtesy of DeviantArt.com