A Lethal Force

Soft whispers
Soft spoken
Spoken lies
Spoken word
Word assassin
Word games
Games played
Games lost
Lost soul
Lost princess
Princess without a crown
Princess of Mayhem
Mayhem made
Mayhem driven
Driven mad
Driven wild
Wild adventure
Wild night
Night of sin
Night of temptation
Temptation without remorse
Temptation remains
Remains of sanity
Remains within
Within reason
Within your grasp
Grasp reality
Grasp her heart
Heart in your hand
Heart broken
Broken dreams
Broken promises
Promises the world
Promises nothing
Nothing changes
Nothing you can do
Do your worst
Do as I say
Say goodbye
Say my name
Name your killer
Name your poison
Poison her mind
Poison that’s toxic
Toxic hazard
Toxic love
Love is a force
Love is lethal



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Tell me that you’ll love me forever,
That I’m the only one for you.
Fill my head with promises,
Bother not with the facts.
I crave deception…
The best part of
Is the


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Tangled Web

What fallacy, pray tell, have you spun for me today?
A prevaricated tale conceived in truth,
Tangled with a lie? Can you see through your own
Web of flagrant deception anymore?
We shudder at what you’ve become. You
Weave and sew, fabricate and entwine.
When your lips move, the fable begins,
First with the pretense of fact. Soon,
We are snarled in your labyrinth of lies. You
Practice dishonesty like it’s your religion.
To believe that you are more than a maligner is to
Deceive even the fabulist that is you.






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Words Are Seeds

Ever wonder
Where words go
After they escape
Your mouth?
You should.
It is naive
To believe
That words go south.
Words are seeds,
Planted by lips,
Fertilized by belief,
Grown by repetition.
That which you
Have breathed life into
Does not die
But seeks duration.
Stay in charge
Of your tongue,
Of the words
That it creates.
Keep your secrets,
Tell no lies,
Be careful what
You pollinate.
Murmur or roar,
Falsehood or truth,
Your words are
In the air.
Matters not
What you say,
They’re lasting
Once you put them there.
If words are
Not sentient
Why then
Is it said,
Two can keep
A secret
If one of them
Is dead?

Friday 5-7-5

Heart torn from my chest
in your hand it’s still beating
you smile as it dies


You are stronger now
I say farewell ~ I can’t use
what I can’t abuse


That version of me
the best I had to offer
wasn’t good enough


I feel like I am
wandering aimlessly lost
in another’s dream


His lies flow easy
like the swift current of a
turbulent river