I Am a Monster

I am a monster, callous, cold,
In a mask that reads “heart of gold”.
I’ll touch your soul, make you love me,
I’ll blind you ’til I’m all you see.
You are useful when you’re controlled.

Listen carefully and behold
The only truth I’ve ever told.
There is still time for you to flee~
I am a monster.

I’ll help you into my blindfold,
And knife you with that hand you hold.
Tell you this is how it must be,
RepeatĀ thatĀ until you agree,
Then I will leave you unconsoled.
I am a monster.


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Friday 5-7-5

Heart torn from my chest
in your hand it’s still beating
you smile as it dies


You are stronger now
I say farewell ~ I can’t use
what I can’t abuse


That version of me
the best I had to offer
wasn’t good enough


I feel like I am
wandering aimlessly lost
in another’s dream


His lies flow easy
like the swift current of a
turbulent river