Mayhem Universe

The Mayhem Universe, the crossroads of good and evil, where time is fluid and its waters run deep, stretching further back than we can see, extending to distances beyond what we comprehend. In a realm where heroes are freaks and villains sometimes win, even the past is uncertain.



Mayhem Genesis
Mayhem Genesis
will be my first collection of short stories! Many of these stories center around characters that you have already met on my blog, Brandon “The Waterbender”, (Waterbender, part 1 & Waterbender, part 2), Cara “The Tempest” & Father Aetas “The Priest” (The Tempest’s Tower 1 & The Tempest’s Tower 2), and Baan (Baan, the Deathlord). The Waterbender poems will be rewritten as a short story trilogy that develops Brandon’s character and expands on how his waterbending abilities became so powerful. Both of The Tempest’s stories will be included, as will a 3rd installment of the series. The first two of this trilogy have been among my most popular and well-received posts of all time. A trilogy about the origins of Father Aetas & Baan will take you back to a time when dragons ruled the skies. A final trilogy will link these creation stories and introduce the world to Victoria “The Dragon Lady”, and her grandchildren, twins, Oliver “Psion” & Zahra “Z”.


Mayhem’s Heroes

Nerio Aetas, The Priest: Mayhem Universe’s first known “freak”. In the beginning, Nerio was appointed by Father Time as the keeper of the Lake of Time. As part of his duties, The Priest is also the guardian of good vs evil. A consistent balance between the two minimizes disruptions to the Lake of Time. Father Aetas, as he is commonly known, is a teacher to the ordinary. He is a healer and mentor to the extraordinary. His abilities to manipulate time and space allow him a unique window into the universe. He knows when and where to find other freaks. As a shaman, he offers healing and kind, gentle support to all of humanity. However, he recruits only the worthy to defend his greater cause, the sanctity of time.

Brandon Luna, The Waterbender: A bright and worthy child, his powers to manipulate fluids were granted to him by the moon herself. His persistent training has made him extraordinarily powerful. The potency of Brandon’s powers peak with each full moon. They wane with each new moon. His lunar connection has kept him young for centuries. Such an extensive life has been conducive to perfecting his technique. His flawless ability to control his powers uniquely qualifies him to train other freaks.  He has dedicated his existence to protecting mankind. He is particularly committed to the inhabitants of Crystal Bay.

Cara Indign, The Tempest: Cara was born with her ability to manipulate the weather. Her kind heart and a strong desire to prove others wrong keep her aligned with the heroes of the Mayhem Universe. An abusive father, an alcoholic mother, and tragic childhood circumstances have rendered her emotionally unbalanced and difficult to manage. Her lack of training, control, and trust make her dangerously destructive. Under Nerio’s and Brandon’s tutelage, she is learning to manage her emotions, ergo her powers.

Oliver Vicious, Psion: Oliver represents the good half of the duo known as “The Twins”. Oliver is brilliant, a savant of sorts. He has an eidetic memory and is particularly good with numbers and patterns. He is non-verbal autistic; Oliver does not speak. He does, however, communicate telepathically. His grandmother is an evil mastermind with a powerful hold over his sister. He seems to be the only hero that can keep his sister’s synthetic abilities in check.


Mayhem’s Villains

Victoria Vicious, Dragon Lady: Victoria’s ancestors enjoyed the peak of their family’s power centuries ago when humanity was at the mercy of dragons. Efforts to quell the dragon population and restore the balance between good and evil rendered her bloodline’s powers obsolete. Left with only tales of glory, they soon faded into obscurity. A brilliant and cunning woman, Victoria devised a plan to restore her family’s legacy. Using the Vicious family riches, her “super” grandchildren, and her ability to communicate with dragons, Victoria is a terrifying and seemingly unstoppable force.

Zahra Vicious, Z: Zahra Vicious was never meant to be. Despite her genius, Z’s only relevance to her parents was that she was in the bassinet with her brother when he was stolen. Starving for their approval, Zahra works diligently to be the best at everything she attempts, from education to athletics. In a move of manipulation, her grandmother finally gives her the attention she’s always craved. Zahra finds her purpose while working for her grandmother at Vicious Enterprises.

Baan, The Deathlord: The clever Cidius the Insane took powerful measures to prevent the dragon population from dying out entirely before his demise. Trapped for centuries, Baan is enraged and seeking revenge against the freaks that imprisoned him. The Vicious women intend to use Baan’s fury to tip the scales of the universe in the favor of evil.


Tales of Mayhem

Waterbender, part 1 – A smart & dedicated boy is given a gift from the moon. (poem)

Waterbender, part 2 – The conclusion of the poem that spawned the entire Mayhem Universe. (poem)

The Tempest’s Tower 1: Vengeance – A little girl finds power in revenge. (short story)

The Tempest’s Tower 2: New Beginning – Cara’s struggle with her abilities continues. She meets The Waterbender & The Priest as they set out to help her. (short story)

Baan the Deathlord – The poem that first introduces the most lethal & ruthless villain in the Mayhem Universe, Baan. (poem)

For an introduction to “The Twins” trilogy, visit my blogiversary post, Cheers to 1 Year!


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