Lost on the road to oblivion,
Can’t see where I’m going,
Don’t know where I’ve been.
Stumbling through the fog blind,
Reluctant to reach out,
Scared of what I’ll find.
Paralyzed by my own fear,
By myself in the dark,
How’d I even get here?



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Beautifully Broken

She is beautifully broken,
A stunning mosaic of shards,
Her undoing was foretoken,
She is beautifully broken.
Her fate is sealed but unspoken,
Her psyche is a house of cards,
She is beautifully broken,
A stunning mosaic of shards.






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My soul is on display
All the world’s a critic,
Subject to their judgment
Vicious and sadistic.

Navigating within this dream
Vulnerable and naked,
Put before prying eyes
Only to be degraded.

Shackled by the fully veiled
The ridicule they impose,
If I could, I’d run away
And put back on my clothes.