Gigi’s Promise

I, Gigi, solemnly swear,
Limitless love, utmost care,
This promised pledge I affirm.
You’ll be spoiled, I can confirm.
I will keep you free from harm,
You will never know alarm.
…Rest easy, my little Love…



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          1. Hi Carrie – Hope all is well with you – I haven’t heard form you so I decided to drop a short. Could you please connect with me immediately? I am excited the title of Honorary uncle, it is my pleasure and honor. Please email me at – I look forward to hearing from you;



            1. Hi Miran! I arrived home from a short trip yesterday. I took a long weekend to escape up north and take pictures of the fall foliage. It was such a recharging weekend, so peaceful and beautiful. You will hear from me soon. Hope you are well!!

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