Back in April, I shared a poem titled “Eternity“. It’s actually still one of my top 10 posts of all time. My husband wrote it for me years ago. That piece was actually part of a set of 2 poems. “Forever” and “Eternity” both still hang on my bedroom wall to this day.


For the last 4 years of my life I have been truly blessed. I never imagined the amount of happiness that could be bestowed upon me.

Over time our love has grown into something out of a fairy tale. We are inseparable, the victims of unconditional love.

Riches and wealth could be bestowed upon us and it wouldn’t make any difference. Our love is so strong that nothing can affect it. We just need each other and our family to make our lives and love complete.

Every passing day I feel like our bond is growing even stronger… more intense. We were placed on this Earth for each other. It is not a coincidence that we met. Our destiny was predetermined and it was fate that brought you into my life.

Volumes have been written and spoken about love but none share the intense feeling that I get when I lay eyes on you. That electricity is too strong to portray on paper or to vocalize. The current runs strong and will never fade.

Everything that I do is for you. I live for you. Every thought that runs through my head has something about you in it. The way you look at me makes my heart melt… it makes my head woozy with love. Your touch is exhilarating… electric. I long for that feeling.

Remember this year as the best year of your life. The birth of our son… the continuing maturation of our older children… the love that we share… no one on this Earth has a better or more fulfilling life than we do. The best part is that it has really only begun. We are infants in this wonderful relationship. Carrie, I love you now and forever.


It’s been a while since Brian has written poetry for me. Give this a like or leave a comment to encourage him to do it more often. 😉


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The World is a Better Place

Happy birthday to my favorite person on Earth, my husband, Brian! The world is a better place because he was born. Any man who loves like he loves deserves only the finest things in this life. I strive to always give him only the best of myself. He regularly does the same for me…

For example, one day many years ago I was struggling through a particularly tough day. He sent me an email that contained these words and changed the tone of my entire week.

The way this woman looks at me
A look of intense love
She looks at me like I am a King
Her Kingdom mine for the taking
She is my Queen
I would die for her
That intense love burns deep within
Hotter than molten lava
A feeling that has never been felt before
She looks at me for strength
I will stand like a pillar of granite for her
Fathering her children as my own
Loving them more than myself
Guiding them down the right path in life
Protecting them from harm
I am there for her
I am there for them
I will always be there
Intense Love


I love you, Awesome.


Happy Anniversary!

April 30th is one of my favorite days of the year. On April 30th, 1999, my life changed forever in a most beautiful way (except I didn’t know it yet). On this date 15 years ago I was scheduled for a second interview at a small technology company. I was nervous. I needed that job. My first interview went well. I felt that day was my last hurdle on my way to a sure thing. I was all about my career back then. I had 2 kids’ mouths to feed. I was engaged to a man whose ambition was seriously lacking. Someone had to wear the pants.

I looked good for that interview too. My un-humble opinion of my appearance that day was further supported when I got “checked out” by the really hot guy with whom I shared an elevator. We both stepped off at the top floor. Then we turned down the same hallway; we kept walking, all the way to the end where we both entered the same office door.  Nice, he works here. I thought. I waited in the small lobby to be greeted by the operations manager. He fetched me and walked me back to a very small office. Inside the office were 3 very intimidating men. I was the fourth person crammed into that tiny room. It was close quarters. Not only that, but HE was there. My nerves almost turned to full on panic.

The cute guy did most of the talking. He grilled me with tough questions. Damn, I thought we made a little connection in that elevator. He is showing me no mercy! As his inquiry continued, I started to find him a little less cute. Eventually he let the shy guy from accounting talk. Accounting guy was impressed with my answers. I could tell. Then the little hairy man from production got his turn. He was impressed with my legs and my tattoo. I could tell. (I was sitting right next to him. It was tough not to notice that he stared at my calves the whole time he spoke.) Hot guy was not impressed. I could tell. I left the interview with my ego a bit deflated.

I was surprised to get a phone call the following Monday asking me to come in to meet the owner and to appear for personality and intelligence testing. Turns out that the cute guy WAS impressed. He was recently promoted to Technology Operations Manager. He was helping to hire a replacement to back-fill his old position. He fought for me. He felt I was the best fit. I totally read him wrong. That was unusual for me.

During the first week at work in my new job, each department took turns escorting the newbies to lunch. When it was technology’s turn, I took the opportunity to start over with hot guy. I cornered him after lunch for a little one-on-one. I learned that he was very happily married. I also found out that he was extraordinarily smart, much less serious than his interviewer persona, and a little egotistical. I found his marital status less than ideal… Why on earth would it bother me that he’s married? I wondered, I’m pretty unavailable myself.

From that point on it was strictly professional, even if I did enjoy stealing little glances at him. Ladies, he was that good-looking. I was engaged, not dead. Four months into my new job something both shattering and spectacular happened. My fiance’ left. He packed his things and several of mine and just left while I was at work. The next day, he moved himself and many of my possessions from Michigan to Texas. At the time, I was shattered. Other events unfolded that weekend to make it one of the worst ever. I missed work on Monday. On Tuesday I went directly to the break room upon arriving at work. Hot guy was there. We had our first ever personal and deep conversation. As it would turn out, his wife also moved out of their home over the weekend. We exchanged phone numbers so we could commiserate. A month later, we went on our first date. Within three months we were inseparable. By New Year’s we were living together.

Fast forward 3 years from our first meeting to April 30, 2002. I married hot guy, aka Brian, in Las Vegas. I was sick as hell. I spent the entire night before our wedding in the bathroom, if you know what I mean. My sister scraped me up off the floor when she arrived to help me get ready. She slapped makeup like paint on my face and made me presentable, for a china doll. I only bring that up because I’ve been sick this week too. Twelve years later April is still my health nemesis. Some things never change.

Brian and I have come a long way in the past 12 years. My older kids were already calling him “Dad” before the wedding, but his position as a father and their relationship with him only grew after we were married. We have a son, Brandon, who is just the best of both of us. Our marriage is the light that shines brightest in my life. I love him more today than I ever have. I will love him even more tomorrow.

Every day for the past 12 years, he has come upstairs at night and asked if I remembered to take my meds before he climbs into bed. He has told me that he loves me EVERY SINGLE DAY. We are still inseparable. He is my best friend. When I see him bring his briefcase home at lunch, I squeal with delight like we’re high schoolers skipping school (a briefcase at lunch means either a half day or he’s working the rest of the day from home). He is my staunchest supporter. He is my guardian and defender. He is my lover, my confidant, my provider, my grounding stone, and my whole heart and soul. My life is exceptional because Brian is in it. Stories will be told about our love long after we are dead and gone. It is powerful, it is real, it is unique, it is pure, it was destined to be, and it is unbreakable. I was put on this earth to be Mrs. Brian Page.



My husband does not identify as a writer. He is an engineer, through and through. Despite that fact, that man has strung together some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever read. For example, this acrostic poem has hung on my bedroom wall for over 10 years. He didn’t even know what acrostic was when he wrote it. I love that man…


Every day I wake up from sleep and think of how blessed that I truly am. Laying there awake watching you sleep so peacefully fills me with a profound sense of happiness and love.

The love that we share is so powerful and intense that you can almost see the energy between us. Waves of electricity crackle with emotion and love.

Each passing day melts into weeks… and as months become years we will be together. Always there for each other, loving and supporting each other until death do us part.

Remember when we first met… the chance encounter that seemed to be destiny. The hours spent on the telephone exploring and connecting. We both knew right away that we were placed on this earth for each other.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have hoped to be as happy as I have become in your presence. The gift of love that you have given me has been by far the most incredible thing that I have ever received.

In the past we have been put through trials and many difficult times. Even during the very beginning of our time together we had obstacles to overcome. We have prevailed over them all… and we will continue to do so.

This has been the best time of my life. I owe it all to you my love. I am very much looking forward to sharing many more birthdays and anniversaries with you. They will only get better.

You are now twenty-nine years old and you have seen and experienced more already in your life than most dream about. You have grown into a beautiful woman filled with love and happiness. Everyone around you is fortunate to be part of your life. We are all blessed. You and I will be together for all of eternity.


SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ “T”

I am a tattoo fan, a big fan. I got my first tattoo during a visit to Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, when I was 22. My second followed soon after during a subsequent trip to Hawaii, on the island of Maui. It didn’t take me long to want a third, which I got in Chicago. After that I took a good hiatus and didn’t get my fourth until just a few years ago. I actually had that done close to home at Love Tattoo. I do have plans for six more, so I suppose I should pick up the pace on new tattoos if I want to complete the list.

The featured image is my husband’s ambigram tattoo. Looked at from one angle it reads “Live”, from another it says “Life”. I love it. It conveys a simple, yet crucial message. I have plans to share pictures of some of my tattoos in a future post, so none of me this time.

I leave you with a poem about tattoos in tyburn form:

Needle on flesh, painting lasting dreams
Expressive skin staining, speaking reams