Life Teaches

Carrie Mayhem

Life teaches
Life is short
Short term
Short and sweet
Sweet nothings
Sweet as candy
Candy kisses
Candy dreams
Dreams of stardom
Dreams come true
True stories
True friends
Friends forever
Friends and enemies
Enemies made
Enemies to forgive
Forgive yourself
Forgive and forget
Forget me
Forget the past
Past the point of no return
Past and present
Present and future
Present is now
Now you know
Now is your time
Time to love
Time is money
Money talks
Money can’t buy happiness
Happiness awaits
Happiness is key
Key to success
Key to my heart
Heart on my sleeve
Heart broken
Broken down
Broken promises
Promises made
Promises kept
Kept away
Kept in cages
Cages rattled
Cages empty
Empty pockets
Empty words
Words of wisdom
Words unspoken

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A Christmas Wish

‘Tis the season… for heartwarming Christmas stories
(in less than 1500 words)

Carrie Mayhem

Six year old Olivia sat alone on the frozen ground just outside of an empty church. Across the street, families lined up outside of “The Mobile North Pole”. She enviously watched several boys and girls about her age climb the snow covered stairs and make their way inside to sit on Santa’s lap.

She noticed how warmly they were dressed; thickly lined coats to protect them from the blowing wind, fuzzy boots to cover their little feet, and thick, clumsy mittens to keep their tiny fingers from the sting of the cold. Olivia looked down at her own shabby attire; before she had stolen a coat out of the donation box just inside the church foyer, she wore only an over-sized hooded sweatshirt. At that moment she wished she hadn’t been so concerned about getting caught and took a few extra seconds to steal a pair of boots too. She…

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Baby, it’s cold outside… I thought I’d heat it up a little with this Throwback Thursday.

Carrie Mayhem

“Patience darling” he softly stated,

Delay was something she always hated,

But here and now she was elated,

His whispers left her stimulated.

Beneath her blindfold there she waited,

For his touch anticipated

Biting her lip with breath bated,

To release desire he had created.

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Carrie Mayhem

SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge, Day 8 ~ “H”

Our caravan approached the River Styx
A band comprised of thieves and convicts
The tone was subdued, not so merry
As each one boarded Charon’s Ferry
All were charged an obolus save the poor
They were left one hundred years upon shore
On turbulent waters our boat coiled and twirled
We dead approached the entrance to the underworld
We hadn’t made landfall when I was struck by an oar
I was launched from the raft and swam to the shore
The three heads of Cerberus greeted us with a growl
He threatened with claws intended to disembowel
He let us pass as he slashed his serpent tail
Snakes hissed warnings any escape try would fail
Our journey continued as we approached the Pavilion
Where three judges would assess us for each sin
Evil-doers trembled at where they’d be sent
Each heard grim…

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