Without a Sound

From nightmares they can’t awaken
Their voices have been forsaken
All hope lost to never be found
Trapped souls screaming without a sound

Upon the agony they choke
Lamenting words they never spoke
With ropes of silence they are bound
Trapped souls screaming without a sound

By grief and sorrow entombed alive
Scratching and clawing to survive
Clenched fists in buried coffins pound
Trapped souls screaming without a sound

From nightmares they can’t awaken
Trapped souls screaming without a sound





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A Lethal Force

Soft whispers
Soft spoken
Spoken lies
Spoken word
Word assassin
Word games
Games played
Games lost
Lost soul
Lost princess
Princess without a crown
Princess of Mayhem
Mayhem made
Mayhem driven
Driven mad
Driven wild
Wild adventure
Wild night
Night of sin
Night of temptation
Temptation without remorse
Temptation remains
Remains of sanity
Remains within
Within reason
Within your grasp
Grasp reality
Grasp her heart
Heart in your hand
Heart broken
Broken dreams
Broken promises
Promises the world
Promises nothing
Nothing changes
Nothing you can do
Do your worst
Do as I say
Say goodbye
Say my name
Name your killer
Name your poison
Poison her mind
Poison that’s toxic
Toxic hazard
Toxic love
Love is a force
Love is lethal



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Image courtesy of: http://www.fullhdpictures.com

Beauty in Death

Church bells echo with
The song of the angels.
A mournful melody of tears
Hangs heavy on the breeze.
The bereaved choke on sobs,
Gasping for lighter air.
The weight of their burden
Sinks into my soul.
My heart seeks a reprieve
From the anguish of reality.
My eyes pursue a defense
For the assault on my ears.
Empty outstretched arms
Eagerly offer me comfort.
In the embrace of a stranger
The beauty in death emerges.
Love for the departed
Brings unity to the masses.
Blind no more are they
To the fragility of life.
Sunlight penetrates
Panes of stained glass
Casting color onto
The sea of obsidian.
Whispers of memories
Draw wistful smiles.
Unfamiliar hands,
Connected only by loss,
Clasp tightly in a show
Of harmony and peace.
Retrained by my sight
My ears adjust to the sound,
And now I hear hope
For a new day to come.

Photography: http://fav.me/d8zcra3

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with me.
just slip away.
Let destiny plot
us a clandestine course.
Leave behind obligations.
Abandon life’s indiscretions.
Let’s be captive to only desire.
Let’s be selfish, reckless, and unrestrained.


Photography: http://fav.me/d8w4drl



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