with me.
just slip away.
Let destiny plot
us a clandestine course.
Leave behind obligations.
Abandon life’s indiscretions.
Let’s be captive to only desire.
Let’s be selfish, reckless, and unrestrained.





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Portal to
A dimension
That replicates our
Own familiar landscapes,
But up is down, left is right.
Stands to reason that good is bad,
The virtuous are nefarious,
And random acts of kindness make the news.






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Unburden Me

I wish
My worries
Could be dismissed,
Be carried away
Somewhere distant to stay.
Won’t someone please just take them?
Put an end to all this mayhem?
Before chaos engulfs my psyche,
Won’t you please take this encumbrance from me?


So earlier, when I posted a rant, I mentioned that my extreme frustration with a situation outside of my control was hindering my ability to focus on anything else. I need to move past that. Since it’s not feasible to package my troubles and ship them to a faraway land (which is the only solution I can think of), I’m just going to have to put my head down power through… Boo, anyone know where I can find a shortcut?

Last High

Line cut
Roll a bill
Inhale deeply
Pupil ousts iris
Euphoria takes hold
Invincible once again
Vivacious life of the party
Clammy flesh, crimson stain, stolen breath
Body seizes, panic, and then, nothing…………


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