The comfort of a mother’s healing hands,
Hers, to a child, the most appealing hands.

No one can pilfer her attention nor
Claim mommy’s heart like a kid’s stealing hands.

When all hope is lost and your strength is gone,
None console like grandmother’s feeling hands.

A life of wisdom lived without restraint,
Those were great-grandmother’s freewheeling hands.

If your path is clear and life’s light left on,
Thank generations of revealing hands.





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Carpe Diem

The world lays in wait. Your
Best days remain ahead. Find your
Way, my son, for it is up
To you to plot a course. Set goals,
Predict your own successes.
Your life is in your hands. The
Future bears no boundaries. It
Is waiting for you
To shape it.
Create your utopia, child.
It is all within your reach.

Little Angel

For Julie & Jason
In memory of Caleb ~

The very day we met you
We had to say good-bye,
And send you off to heaven
Where holy angels fly.

In our dreams we’ll see you smile,
And there we will hear you talk.
Our home will echo with your laughter.
In our hearts you’ll learn to walk.

You will be remembered
With each and every passing day,
Missed, loved, and adored
In every possible way.

For now God will carry you
Safely in his arms.
Loving you as we do,
Protecting you from harm.

One day we will join you
As we take our place in heaven.
God will hand you back to us —
Together once again.


Tiny little feet, giant footprints on our hearts.

21 Years Ago Today

You woke me up early
“Today is the day,
Ready or not,
I am on my way!”

Then at the hospital
You gave us a scare
When the doctor uttered
“The heartbeat’s not there.”

An entire eternity
Lapsed in just 5 minutes.
The problem was equipment
And the fault found within it.

Just a few hours later
You made your debut.
Suddenly my life
Became all about you.

10 fingers, 10 toes
A perfectly round dome.
I immediately noted
Your eyes were my own.

I remember each moment
21 years ago today
Clear as though
They unfolded just yesterday.

Happy birthday
To my first born child!
Enjoy this new freedom
(Please don’t go too wild).