Vintage Adventure

Much like the Toy Story movies, my childhood toys all interacted with one another. I KNEW they were playing without me when I was not there. I was more a guest in their world than I was an owner or ruler of them. Candyland wasn’t a game for us. It was a place, a destination of sorts. Our adventures there went something like this…

Through my View-Master,
I saw Rainbow Trail.
I grabbed my protector.
We together set sail.

My Pet Monster & I
Walked hand in hand,
‘Til we met a green troll
There in Candyland.

His name was Plumpy,
He Etch-A-Sketched us a map.
We each took a plum,
And were off in a snap.

At the Peppermint Forest,
Mr. Mint happened by.
He mentioned a shortcut,
So we gave it a try.

On Gumdrop Pass,
I lost Monster somewhere,
But was joined then
By a Jolly Carebear.

At Licorice Castle,
That bear ran and hid.
However, I met
A Cabbage Patch Kid.

He asked me to take him
To see Gramma Nutt.
We marched onward until
We reached her small hut.

She was a sweet ol’ girl.
She gave enough goods
To get me through to
The Lollipop Woods.

At the edge of the thicket,
Oh what a sight.
Princess Lolly herself,
And her friend Rainbow Brite.

Just when I thought
This all to be a dream,
I happened upon
The Sea of Ice Cream.

Queen Frostine greeted me
With her husband, He-Man.
They introduced me to
The entire Smurf clan.

Thundercats lapped milk
From the shores of the sea,
Much to the delight of a
Nearby Monchichi.

As dusk grew near,
I Slinkied away
To cross Molasses Swamp
In the light of the day.

With sun on my path,
Still I got stuck,
Until GI Joe appeared
In his new Tonka truck.

He offered me a lift
To the home of King Kandy.
I hopped right aboard
And said, “That’d be dandy!”.

Candy Castle we reached
Before dinner’s bell.
GI Joe was Hungry Hungry Hippos.
I was as well.

Queen Barbie served the
Candy salad up first.
Their Garbage Pail Kids
Brought shakes for our thirst.

GI Joe went home but
I stayed for the night.
I hung with Teddy Ruxpin
And we played Lite-Brite.


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Simpler Times

I remember wishing I could fly,

Admiring the starlit sky,

Making the swing go too high,

When best friends lived nearby,

Going on long hikes,

Riding our bikes,

Even gray

Snow day







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