He’s right before their eyes
Still he remains unseen,
As though he’s an extra
In someone else’s dream.

His frantic pleas for help,
They seem to go unheard.
He begs them to listen,
But they pass without word.

He longs for only love,
Desires just affection,
One who will embrace his
Every imperfection.

Instead he walks alone
Through shadowy places,
Adrift upon this vast
Sea of nameless faces.



Photography: http://fav.me/d8w8191



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Jagged flames shimmer
Like a serrated knife,
A magnificent danger
Built by one man’s strife.

Surrounding him with safety
His barriers burn tall,
An entrancing glory,
A most lethal wall.

Breathtaking fireworks,
Like a bomb they tick,
Glorious flares beckon
Enticing me with magic.

So serene and calm
The fire cradles him there,
Safety from agony,
Shelter from despair.

It is beside him
That I long to stand,
Willingly I approach
When he offers me his hand.

Engulfed within his rampart,
Distracted by its majesty,
I barely even notice that
I’ve been burned completely.



Photography: http://fav.me/d8wqfdp



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Vintage Adventure

Much like the Toy Story movies, my childhood toys all interacted with one another. I KNEW they were playing without me when I was not there. I was more a guest in their world than I was an owner or ruler of them. Candyland wasn’t a game for us. It was a place, a destination of sorts. Our adventures there went something like this…

Through my View-Master,
I saw Rainbow Trail.
I grabbed my protector.
We together set sail.

My Pet Monster & I
Walked hand in hand,
‘Til we met a green troll
There in Candyland.

His name was Plumpy,
He Etch-A-Sketched us a map.
We each took a plum,
And were off in a snap.

At the Peppermint Forest,
Mr. Mint happened by.
He mentioned a shortcut,
So we gave it a try.

On Gumdrop Pass,
I lost Monster somewhere,
But was joined then
By a Jolly Carebear.

At Licorice Castle,
That bear ran and hid.
However, I met
A Cabbage Patch Kid.

He asked me to take him
To see Gramma Nutt.
We marched onward until
We reached her small hut.

She was a sweet ol’ girl.
She gave enough goods
To get me through to
The Lollipop Woods.

At the edge of the thicket,
Oh what a sight.
Princess Lolly herself,
And her friend Rainbow Brite.

Just when I thought
This all to be a dream,
I happened upon
The Sea of Ice Cream.

Queen Frostine greeted me
With her husband, He-Man.
They introduced me to
The entire Smurf clan.

Thundercats lapped milk
From the shores of the sea,
Much to the delight of a
Nearby Monchichi.

As dusk grew near,
I Slinkied away
To cross Molasses Swamp
In the light of the day.

With sun on my path,
Still I got stuck,
Until GI Joe appeared
In his new Tonka truck.

He offered me a lift
To the home of King Kandy.
I hopped right aboard
And said, “That’d be dandy!”.

Candy Castle we reached
Before dinner’s bell.
GI Joe was Hungry Hungry Hippos.
I was as well.

Queen Barbie served the
Candy salad up first.
Their Garbage Pail Kids
Brought shakes for our thirst.

GI Joe went home but
I stayed for the night.
I hung with Teddy Ruxpin
And we played Lite-Brite.


Image courtesy of fanpop.com


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One More Bedtime Story

Dad, tell me a story,
Please just one more.
Tell me a bedtime fable
Like you did before.

One more story son,
Before I say goodnight.
I will tell you a tale that
I wish I could rewrite.

It is the legend
Of the Chosen One,
How at the end of life
His journey’d just begun.

He was exceptional,
Young, strong, unique,
An extraordinary soul,
The sort the deities seek.

They called upon him
Abruptly one late night.
With eternal darkness closing in,
They were desperate for his light.

Of course he was the pillar
They knew that he would be.
He didn’t hesitate to ask,
What do you need from me?

We need you to come with us.
You’ll know what to do,
But there is time for only one
To bid farewell to you.

The war between good and evil
Comes with a great cost.
To the others you’ll be gone,
To them you will be lost.

Return me to my father,
The source of this great power.
It is him I want to see
In my final hour…

Wait Dad, tell me now
Is this legend true?
Have I been sent here
Just to bid adieu?

Yes, it is real.
Tonight we say goodbye.
You are the Chosen One.
You, my son, can fly.

I don’t want to go, Dad.
I don’t wish to leave!
Please don’t cry father.
I can’t stand to see you grieve.

It’s alright my boy.
You will visit again my dreams,
And together we will fly
Amidst the silver moonbeams.

When you can’t see me Dad,
Know I am still near.
I will watch over you and
All those I hold dear.

I know you will, son.
I am so very proud.
You are my hero now,
Go soar among the clouds.


Photo by Steven Northup-Smith

Borrowed Time

A flower blooms
While a child cries.
A life is born
As an old man dies.

Life’s not given.
It is a loan.
It’s time we use,
But never own.

A privilege bestowed.
Something to cherish.
Spend it wisely,
For soon we all perish.

Then our children are left
With the life we once mused.
To make the most of existence
And time we once used.