She was forgettable
Not grotesque just unremarkable
And there beneath that cloak of mediocrity
Where she stood gratefully unnoticed
Sheltered from scrutiny
She prospered

He was memorable
His arresting presence notable
And there basking in the fervor of the spotlight
Where he stood confidently at ease
Treasured by the masses
He saw her

From her new-found station
She indulged in their adoration
Until she noticed her reflection in his eyes
Once familiar but now distorted
Her identity lost
Claimed by his



Photography: http://fav.me/d8w4jw1



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He’s right before their eyes
Still he remains unseen,
As though he’s an extra
In someone else’s dream.

His frantic pleas for help,
They seem to go unheard.
He begs them to listen,
But they pass without word.

He longs for only love,
Desires just affection,
One who will embrace his
Every imperfection.

Instead he walks alone
Through shadowy places,
Adrift upon this vast
Sea of nameless faces.



Photography: http://fav.me/d8w8191



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Lost on the road to oblivion,
Can’t see where I’m going,
Don’t know where I’ve been.
Stumbling through the fog blind,
Reluctant to reach out,
Scared of what I’ll find.
Paralyzed by my own fear,
By myself in the dark,
How’d I even get here?



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Ill-fated Quest

Shadows gobble up the light.
I can’t find my way back home.
In the day it’s dark as night.
Lost in the forest I roam.

I can’t find my way back home.
Panic rises in my chest.
Lost in the forest I roam,
Cursing this ill-fated quest.

Panic rises in my chest.
In the day it’s dark as night.
Cursing this ill-fated quest,
Shadows gobble up the light.



Photography: http://fav.me/d8xl9pi



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You Left Me

You left me to endure alone,
The only love I’d ever known.
You enticed me, pulled me astray,
Tore out my soul, left it to fray.
I am withering on my own.

There is no fire and no brimstone.
There’s just a world of monotone.
Void of color, my skies are gray.
…You left me…

Adrift within the great unknown,
My senses deadened to the bone.
You are a thief; I was your prey.
You stole my heart and went away,
A bandit with a core of stone.
…You left me…



Photography: http://fav.me/d7y8dga



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