She was forgettable
Not grotesque just unremarkable
And there beneath that cloak of mediocrity
Where she stood gratefully unnoticed
Sheltered from scrutiny
She prospered

He was memorable
His arresting presence notable
And there basking in the fervor of the spotlight
Where he stood confidently at ease
Treasured by the masses
He saw her

From her new-found station
She indulged in their adoration
Until she noticed her reflection in his eyes
Once familiar but now distorted
Her identity lost
Claimed by his






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Page Poetry

My second Alphabet Challenge inspired “P” post today! Granted Page Poetry is going to pale in comparison to Poe Poetry. However, given that my last name begins with the letter “P” and I write poetry, I couldn’t let Poe have all of the fun. Here are 4 short, individual pieces of Page Prose & Poetry:

Tell me that it is not
a figment of my imagination,
that it is more
than a fantasy.
If you cannot,
don’t wake me.
I rather like this dream.


I long to be real.
I ache to be seen.
I wish to be more
Than trapped in your dream.


Flicker of candlelight
In lovers eyes,
Glow of moonlight
On midnight skies,
Echo of starlight
On a placid sea,
You are the light
That illuminates me.


A flower blooms.
A child cries.
A life is born
As an old man dies.
Life’s not given,
It is a loan.
It’s time we use
But never own.

If you missed my first “P” post from today, I featured my favorite poet/writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Check it out!


The glint in your eye.
The dimple on your cheek.
The way your skin
Would frame your lips
With parentheses
When you’d smile.
Like a drug,
I craved that
Look of amusement
Upon your face.
I’d do anything.
I’d become anyone.
Such a small sacrifice
For such a beautiful reply.
My willingness
Made you happy.
You led and I followed.
The path down which
You have taken me
Has now narrowed
With the overgrowth
Of weeds and vines.
You have long since
Ventured ahead,
Happily pioneering,
Continuing to cut through
Obstacles and make your way
Down the uncharted
Paths of life,
Leaving your passenger behind.
I’m still here.
Now lost.
Trapped in a world
Not of my design.
I’ve become someone else,
Someone unrecognizable.
To continue behind you
Would be to stray further
From myself.
So I must turn back.
I will find my way
Using the pieces of me
That I dropped like breadcrumbs
As I followed you into darkness,
Until I have collected them all
Making me whole
And leading me home.