The Pick-Up Game

“You’re so beautiful that
You made me forget my pickup line.”
Is that all you’ve got?
Thanks but I decline.

“I’m not staring at your boobs.
I’m staring at your heart.”
I hate to tell you this
But that’s not an ideal start.

“Damn girl, you have more
Curves than a race track.”
Oh please, can I get the past
Few seconds of my life back?

“Do you have a map?
I am lost in your eyes.”
Have a seat but I won’t fall
For that clever guise.

“If beauty were time,
You would be eternity.”
And finally he spoke
The line that got him me.

Candy Girl

Jester for children of royals,
They love her spoils.
Beyond the mask,
They do not ask.

They simply call her Candy Girl.
Her name is Pearl,
But they don’t care,
Just bring more fare.

Greedily they consume her snacks,
Then they attack.
They mock and scoff
And send her off.


My soul is on display
All the world’s a critic,
Subject to their judgment
Vicious and sadistic.

Navigating within this dream
Vulnerable and naked,
Put before prying eyes
Only to be degraded.

Shackled by the fully veiled
The ridicule they impose,
If I could, I’d run away
And put back on my clothes.