The Pick-Up Game

“You’re so beautiful that
You made me forget my pickup line.”
Is that all you’ve got?
Thanks but I decline.

“I’m not staring at your boobs.
I’m staring at your heart.”
I hate to tell you this
But that’s not an ideal start.

“Damn girl, you have more
Curves than a race track.”
Oh please, can I get the past
Few seconds of my life back?

“Do you have a map?
I am lost in your eyes.”
Have a seat but I won’t fall
For that clever guise.

“If beauty were time,
You would be eternity.”
And finally he spoke
The line that got him me.


    1. Sometimes they can literally be that aggressive, especially in bars… even if I’m sitting next to my husband. Very flattering, yes, but sometimes it’s like “C’mon, get the hint!” 😉


    1. I’ve seen some pretty relentless female pick up artists, watch the ones sitting at the bar where there is an attractive bartender. 😉 Cheesy pickup lines irk me, even a good looking guy can ruin a meeting by using one. We women spend hours getting ready to go out. It’s not so much to ask that the guys spend a few minutes stringing together some respectable words to tell us we look nice.


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