Day: April 27, 2014

Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Sometimes I need a writing prompt to kickstart a poem or story… ok, not sometimes, most of the time. What can I say, having limitless subjects about which to write is just too many options for my scattered brain. To simplify my choices, I have decided to do a theme week, starting next Sunday. The subject of the week for my blog will be “7 Deadly Sins”.

If anyone else could benefit from a writing prompt, here is the schedule for the week:

Sunday, May 4 – Sloth
Monday, May 5 – Greed
Tuesday, May 6 – Pride
Wednesday, May 7 – Wrath
Thursday, May 8 – Envy
Friday, May 9 – Lust*
Sunday, May 10 – Gluttony

*Friday, May 9 (Lust) will coincide with the release of the next 500 or so words of my book.

There are no rules. This is not a contest. It’s intended to get you going if you, like myself, could use some new ideas. If you would like to participate, feel free to link to your posts as comments on my posts so we can hop around and take a look at all of the different interpretations. Happy writing!

Brilliant “7 Deadly Sins” Image by Mihiru93 at