7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 7, Gluttony

Today is the final day of the 7 days of deadly sins here at Carrie Mayhem. It has been fun. I saved gluttony for last because it is Mother’s Day weekend and in this family, that means FOOD. Actually, in my household, all holidays mean food. There is a reason I’m on the chunky side. Sorry, I mean, curvy ~ there is a reason I am curvy. I’m a slave to flavor. There are very few foods that I dislike. If I had to describe myself in 1 deadly sin, I would have to say gluttonous. While I can cook up a storm, I can’t really bake. I think that’s a good thing. If I could bake sweet treats, curvy certainly wouldn’t be the appropriate word anymore.

Lately I’ve become something of a gluttonous blogger. What started out as a “couple of days per week” thing has become more of an “every single day” thing. I really enjoy the combination of writing and interaction. I adore my WordPress family. However, my book is jealous of the attention. Starting next week, I’m going to scale back on my posts a little. I expect to post something new about 4 days per week. I may or may not share something old once each week as well. All extra free time that results will be invested directly into the book.

The featured photo is me, my husband, and our son getting medieval on an apple bathed elephant ear. It was taken at Festival of the Arts 2012 in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI . Festival is known for many things, children’s activities, art, music, dancing, food… It is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Festival 2014 is only a few weeks away. I’m already giddy with excitement!

A quick gluttony poem…


Delicious essence
You seduce me
My resistance is futile


Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Day 2 ~ Greed

Day 3 ~ Pride

Day 4 ~ Wrath

Day 5 ~ Envy

Day 6 ~ Lust

7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 6, Lust (A passage from my book)

Here it is, the next 1200 words or so from the first chapter of my book.  The action picks up in the second chapter so this will be the last bit of romance for a while. That is precisely why I timed this release to correspond with “lust” from the 7 Deadly Sins writing prompt. If you need to catch up first, here are The First 1100 Words. If you’d like to get to know the Adam character better, check out Character Interview: Adam. The following is appropriate for adults only, 18 and up please!


Back at his apartment, Adam laid awake in bed, mind racing.  Emmett and Talia were teaming up against him.  His ideas were always so easily dismissed.  They wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for him.  It was Adam who brought the expert and the insider together, after all.  It was his face that would be all over the surveillance cameras come Monday.  If he decided to execute his plan, what could they do about it?

He switched on the lamp and reached into his nightstand for a lighter and his old friend, Slug.  Man, have I missed you.  He packed the small metal contraption with the leftover shake from the bottom of an old bag of weed.  Better than nothing.  He placed it to his lips, closed his eyes, and lit the opposite end, inhaling deeply.

“Jesus Christ, Talia!” Adam sputtered as he gagged on the cloud of smoke he had been holding in his lungs.  She had a bad habit of scaring the shit out of him.  She laughed hysterically as Adam struggled to catch his breath.  Sitting next to him on the bed, she removed Slug from Adam’s hand.

“You think this is a good idea?”  Talia inquired.

“Why not?  No matter what happens on Monday, I won’t ever be dropping for my parole officer again.”

“Good point” she replied, promptly lighting a hit for herself, clearing the barrel.  Adam knew what was coming and decided to let Talia find out for herself.  His laughter reduced him to tears when her eyes began to water and she spit out her lungful of smoke hacking uncontrollably.

“Oh this shit sucks,” Talia giggled, “first thing I do when we get to Mexico is buy you a nice, sticky bag of kind.”

“That’s funny,” Adam replied, “Emmett just asked me about that.”

“About what?”

“About the first thing I’ll do when we get to Mexico.”

“What was your answer?”

Adam turned to her and smiled, “dive naked into the ocean.”

“Ooooh, I like that,” Talia murmured as she stood and removed her top, “can I change mine?  I want to swim naked in the ocean with you.”

Adam was mesmerized.

“Well, you could change yours, but then who will get us some decent weed to smoke on the beach?” Adam teased as he reached up and unbuttoned her jeans.  He kissed the bare flesh just above her waistband lightly.  He tugged softly and left a trail of warm kisses down her long, toned leg as he slowly pulled them down.

“Emmett,” she answered, “we will want to get rid of him before we go for our swim anyway.”  She stepped out of her pants and straddled Adam’s lap, now wearing just an angelic white lace bra and matching lace panties.  She reached up and pulled the pins that held her hair.  Her locks tumbled over her shoulders and down her back.  She leaned close and brushed her velvet lips across Adam’s throat.

“Mmmm, baby, what are you doing here anyway?  I thought you said…”

“Did you want me to leave?” she whispered seductively into his ear as she began to grind gently against his rising member.

“God no,” Adam sighed.


A blade of sunlight through hastily closed curtains disrupted Adam’s sleep early the next morning.  He reached out to find Talia and pull her close to him.  He could think of nothing he wanted more than a little morning sex.  Unfortunately he found only her empty pillow.  He flipped angrily to his back, staring at the ceiling, fury slowly rising within him.  Why did she always pull this Houdini bullshit?  He slammed his fist to the bed, growled, and audibly yelled, “Fucking Talia!”

“Damn it, Adam!  What the hell?”  A startled, and clearly annoyed, voice bellowed back.

She was still here.  “Talia?  Where are you?”  He sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

She appeared in the door, still naked from their adventures the night before.  She carried a plate of fruit & bagels.  “I brought these with me last night.  I thought we could have a little breakfast in bed before I take off.”  She looked hurt.  She sounded pissed.

“I am so sorry.  I-I thought … it’s just that I thought you left … without saying goodbye,” Adam stammered, “you tend to disappear…”  Why did he have to overreact?  Last night was some of the best sex he’d ever had.  He didn’t want to taint the memory of their interlude with a fight.

Talia said nothing.  She made her way to him, then handed him the food.  In silence she walked around the bed toward where her clothes lay in a heap on the floor.

“Talia, don’t go,” Adam pled.

With her foot she kicked her clothes aside and climbed into the empty space next to Adam in bed.  “Wasn’t planning on it, at least not until after you share some of that food,” she teased.

Thank God.

He picked up a strawberry and placed it to her mouth.  She wrapped her plush lips around it and closed her eyes as she savored a bite.  As he watched transfixed, Adam felt a familiar stir.  He placed his palm on the back of her head and kissed the strawberry flavor off her lips.

Talia lingered briefly then pulled away.  “Eat,” she demanded and handed him a bagel.

“Not what I’m hungry for,” he countered as he ran a finger along her jaw line.

“Are you proposing we have dessert first?” Talia purred.  She removed the plate from his lap and turned to place it on the nightstand.

Before she could turn back around, Adam swept her hair aside to expose her delicate neck.  She gasped as he left a trail of kisses from the top of her spine down to her shoulder blades.  He took her by the shoulders and slowly pivoted Talia until their eyes met.

“I love you, Talia.” Adam whispered as he lowered his eyes.  Talia placed a finger under his chin and lifted his head so that their eyes met again.

“I know.  I love you too, Adam” she replied softly.

Adam smiled broadly.  Get it together, man!  Do not cry!  He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He knew she was different the moment he laid eyes on her.  She was the only woman to whom he’d ever uttered the words “I love you”.  He had only known her a couple of months when he first said it.  This was the only time she had reciprocated.

“You love me?”

“Of course I love you” Talia replied.

“Since when?”

“Since always, stupid.”

“Prove it” Adam dared.

“Mmmm, my pleasure” Talia cooed as she pushed him back onto the bed.  She climbed on top of Adam, took both of his hands in hers and pinned them over his head.  She kissed his earlobe, gently blowing, sucking, biting.  Adam had never felt anything like it.  It tickled, but not so he wanted it to stop.  The erotic sensation crawled down his body directly to his groin.  He wanted her now but was paralyzed by ecstasy.  Her lips met his; she kissed him slow and deep.  Her pace quickened as passions rose.  Soon she was moaning in Adam’s mouth, both of them frenzied and gasping for breath.  Adam could wait no longer…


Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Day 2 ~ Greed

Day 3 ~ Pride

Day 4 ~ Wrath

Day 5 ~ Envy

Silhouette “Lovers” by Frances Hendry (frances1954 on photobucket.com)

7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 5, Envy

I felt like I should preface this crazy little acrostic poem by saying that yes, it is written in first person. No, it is not based on any sort of reality. For all of my faults, jealousy is not one of them. It used to be, but that was before I knew that men like my husband do exist. I trust him wholeheartedly so I do not succumb to envy any more.

A green-eyed monster has possessed me.
Jealous on a snooping spree.
Woman on a mission.
Does she think she’s opposition?
Better get this right.
Research his phone all night. I’m smarter
Than the both of them.
The house is in a state of mayhem.
Federal cases have been tried with less. In his
Bureau I found her dress.
Of course his honor he will defend, but this
Investigation spells the end.


Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Day 2 ~ Greed

Day 3 ~ Pride

Day 4 ~ Wrath


Awesome image, Green Eyed Monster, by squishy-jelly-apple on DeviantArt.com.

The 7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 3, Pride

Here lies Eileen Winn

Addicted to her own reflection

So captivating the image

She failed to eat

Her beauty now decays

At a depth of 6 feet


Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Day 2 ~ Greed

Haunting image “reflection_of_death” courtesy of Corvinarium on DeviantArt.com. Outstanding work.

The 7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 2, Greed

I was not planning a short story for today, but that’s what is happening anyway. When you are jolted out of sleep at 3:28am to the sound of 5 quick gunshots, the brain juices start flowing, even if you’d rather fall back to sleep. We got up and checked our surveillance cameras. While the shots were certainly nearby, they weren’t close enough for us to capture any footage of what happened. For a long period of time after that I just laid there, thinking up scenarios that could result in middle of the night gunfire in a residential neighborhood…


“I’m telling you, there is a fortune in there.”  Jesse whispered from his crouched position in the bushes outside of Mr. Butler’s home. “I saw where he kept it when he paid me to mow the lawn yesterday. Follow me.”

Thomas was skeptical. His older brother was always getting him into trouble. At just 17 years old, Jesse had already been in and out of juvenile detention centers more times than Thomas could count. He did not wish to follow in his brother’s footsteps, but he feared his brother. Jesse was 4 years older and had a temper to compliment his penchant for stealing.

Besides, Mr. Butler certainly did not life a lavish life. His home was old and dilapidated. He didn’t own a car. Jesse & Thomas’ mother often drove Mr. Butler to the store and to his appointments. Even if there was an actual treasure in there, he couldn’t imagine it was enough to justify what they were about to do. “Jesse, c’mon, lets just go home. I have a bad feeling about this.”

“He’s an old man, Thomas. Nothing is going to happen you little chicken.” Jesse teased. With that he crept around the corner of the home, still concealed by the thick shrubbery surrounding the house on 3 sides. Jesse sighed and reluctantly followed.

The rustling of leaves, the snapping of twigs beneath his feet, and his own heartbeat were the only things Thomas could hear as he followed his brother closely. It felt like a bad dream. Thomas was convinced that he would wake up, warm and snug in his own bed, at any moment.

“There! An open window.” Jesse reported. “Come here. I’ll give you a lift.”

“I’m not going in first!” Thomas objected.

“God you baby, you have to go in first. You can’t reach that window without help.”

Reluctantly Thomas conceded to his brother’s reasoning. He put his right shoe into his brother’s cupped hands and allowed himself to be hoisted up to the window. He quietly opened it wider and shimmied his way through. Once inside he turned and whispered nervously to Jesse, “Ok, your turn.”

“Relax, I’m coming. Is the coast clear?”

“I don’t know. I’m in the bathroom. The door is shut.” Thomas replied.

“Well open the door and check, idiot.” Jesse insisted.

Thomas felt like he could cry. He didn’t want to be there. His eyes began to well with tears.

“Thomas! IS THE COAST CLEAR?” By this time Jesse was almost through the window. Thomas knew better than to ignore his brother’s orders. He also knew not to let his brother see him cry. He inhaled deeply, closed his eyes and pushed the bathroom door open…

Eugene Butler was born during The Great Depression. A blue-collar man, he never learned to trust financial institutions with his hard-earned income. He did things the way his father did things. He kept his cash where he could see it; at home, locked in a vault. After witnessing a number of times what the desperate were willing to do for cash, he obtained a Glock .9mm to defend his keep.

Eugene lamented his decision to allow that hoodlum, Jesse, to see his hidden stash. It frustrated him that he suffered such a lapse in judgment. That kid was a neighborhood plague. His mother was a kind woman, but worked long hours outside the home. She could not keep tabs on the boy. Eugene thought by paying the kid to do odd jobs he could deter Jesse from finding further trouble. Unfortunately, the effect had been the opposite. The more money Jesse made, the greater his desire for material possessions became.

Eugene’s dissatisfaction with himself kept him awake most of the night. It was almost 3:30am when he got up to warm himself a glass of milk. He was in the kitchen when he heard the sounds of whispers in the adjacent bathroom. He moved swiftly and quietly. Without flipping on a light or making a sound, Eugene retrieved his Glock and returned to the kitchen. He stood in the darkness and waited.

Eugene lingered in the shadows holding his breath as the bathroom door slowly opened. He already regretted what he had to do. Jesse was dangerous. Not only that but he had at least 1 accomplice with him. Eugene was old. He could no longer defend himself with his bare hands. The gun shook in his trembling hands. Damn it, kid. Why did you have to prove me right this time? Eugene thought.

The door opened completely. Eugene aimed in the direction of the activity and squeezed the trigger.


As soon as Eugene heard the thud of a body hitting the floor, he turned on a light. He was mortified by what he saw. He immediately fled to call 9-1-1. Jesse began to wail.

“Thomas! Thomas!! No, no, no, no, Thomas, no,” Jesse pled as he cradled his brother’s head in his lap.

The 13-year-old began to cry. “Jesse, please can we go home now?” Thomas asked through gasped breaths. His little body then seized and began to shake. A few long seconds later, he was gone.

Jesse sat there, covered in blood, clutching his little brother’s body until police arrived. He readily offered his wrists to the officers without making eye contact. He continued to stare at his only sibling, lying there motionless. His desire to undo what he had put into motion consumed him. He longed to bring his brother back. As they placed handcuffs on him, Jesse finally fully understood what his mother had always told him, “He who is greedy is always in want.”


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Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Outstanding photo “Seven_Deadly_Sins__Greed” by the very talented stay_young on DeviantArt.com.


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