7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 7, Gluttony

Today is the final day of the 7 days of deadly sins here at Carrie Mayhem. It has been fun. I saved gluttony for last because it is Mother’s Day weekend and in this family, that means FOOD. Actually, in my household, all holidays mean food. There is a reason I’m on the chunky side. Sorry, I mean, curvy ~ there is a reason I am curvy. I’m a slave to flavor. There are very few foods that I dislike. If I had to describe myself in 1 deadly sin, I would have to say gluttonous. While I can cook up a storm, I can’t really bake. I think that’s a good thing. If I could bake sweet treats, curvy certainly wouldn’t be the appropriate word anymore.

Lately I’ve become something of a gluttonous blogger. What started out as a “couple of days per week” thing has become more of an “every single day” thing. I really enjoy the combination of writing and interaction. I adore my WordPress family. However, my book is jealous of the attention. Starting next week, I’m going to scale back on my posts a little. I expect to post something new about 4 days per week. I may or may not share something old once each week as well. All extra free time that results will be invested directly into the book.

The featured photo is me, my husband, and our son getting medieval on an apple bathed elephant ear. It was taken at Festival of the Arts 2012 in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI . Festival is known for many things, children’s activities, art, music, dancing, food… It is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Festival 2014 is only a few weeks away. I’m already giddy with excitement!

A quick gluttony poem…


Delicious essence
You seduce me
My resistance is futile


Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Day 2 ~ Greed

Day 3 ~ Pride

Day 4 ~ Wrath

Day 5 ~ Envy

Day 6 ~ Lust


  1. Really enjoyed the 7 sins…I mean reading about them from your blog. Maybe we can come up with a few more not so deadly sins?
    I am beginning to grasp this blog world thing and it is fun, you are right about the time sifting needed to keep up.


        1. Yes, I am currently on my 3rd attempt at writing my 1st novel. This try is different than the first 2. I have connnected with my characters and the story is flowing much more naturally than before. I don’t have a firm goal but don’t want it to be shorter than 75,000 words or longer than 90,000.


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