Day: May 7, 2014

The 7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 4, Wrath

I knew I would struggle with this one. I don’t handle anger well. I would walk a thousand miles to avoid confrontation. There have been more than a few who have invoked my rage and never knew it. I don’t “clear the air”. I just walk away, usually forever.

Being near the contempt of others, even if not directed at me, also causes me a great deal of anxiety. It fills me with a sense of losing control. The angry are much too unpredictable. I like to know that I can regulate my surroundings. Wrath takes that security from me.

Vengeance is my enemy. Not surprisingly, I didn’t feel like confronting my enemy today. I wrote this about a bitter man, an abusive alcoholic. It is based on reality, but not my reality.


In a shot glass
Demons await release
He consumes it; it consumes him
Blind rage

Need to forget
The drinking never stops
Because the drinks absolve his sins


Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Day 2 ~ Greed

Day 3 ~ Pride


Shout out to “The Bravery” for the inspiration found within the lyrics of their song “Believe”.

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