Day: May 16, 2014

Pas de Deux

Caught in a perpetual pas seul,
Overburdened by loneliness,
Depressed, demi-plié to grand plié,
Grand plié to à terre…
Despondent, she grew weary.
The music fell upon deaf ears.
Her dance became motionless.
Defective and lifeless,
Her cavalier found her there.
He hoisted her listless form,
Presented her to the heavens,
And begged the deities for clemency.
In a show of mercy,
Her passion was resurrected.
Her vigor was restored.
Her grace was revived.
His devotion, their compassion,
Induced a pirouette of perseverance in her.
She became a virtuoso in his arms,
Soaring overhead in defiance of gravity.
Today they glide across the stage of life,
In demonstration of eternal gratitude,
Together in a flawless tour de force.


In case you aren’t a ballerina…
à Terre: On the ground
Cavalier: Male partner of a ballerina
Demi-plié: Half bending at the knees
Grand plié: Full bending at the knees
Pas seul: Solo dance
Pirouette: Whirl or spin
Tour de force: A series of brilliant technical steps

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