Day: May 22, 2014

Verge of Summer

Tomorrow I will disappear into the woods for a few days. Where I am going, cell phones don’t work. Internet is a luxury. Instead of the lights of towering buildings and racing cars, we will gaze upon the twinkling lights of a billion stars. I’m going to paddle a kayak instead of drive a car. I’ll absorb sunshine like a solar panel. The drinks will be cold and come in bright colors. The food will come off the grill instead of out of the oven. This weekend is the first of our summer cottage weekends. It would be absolutely perfect if my oldest could be there too. Sadly, he has to work.

I wrote this in honor of the upcoming weekend, and the beautiful summer that will follow…

Parade clowns
Resort towns
Mosquito, mayfly
The Fourth of July
Long walks
No school
Swimming pool
Warm nights
Squeals of delight
Speed boat
Beach tote
Firework show
Suntan glow
Run free
Climb a tree
Squirt gun
Hot dog bun
County fair
Summer night dream