The 7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 4, Wrath

I knew I would struggle with this one. I don’t handle anger well. I would walk a thousand miles to avoid confrontation. There have been more than a few who have invoked my rage and never knew it. I don’t “clear the air”. I just walk away, usually forever.

Being near the contempt of others, even if not directed at me, also causes me a great deal of anxiety. It fills me with a sense of losing control. The angry are much too unpredictable. I like to know that I can regulate my surroundings. Wrath takes that security from me.

Vengeance is my enemy. Not surprisingly, I didn’t feel like confronting my enemy today. I wrote this about a bitter man, an abusive alcoholic. It is based on reality, but not my reality.


In a shot glass
Demons await release
He consumes it; it consumes him
Blind rage

Need to forget
The drinking never stops
Because the drinks absolve his sins


Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Day 2 ~ Greed

Day 3 ~ Pride


Shout out to “The Bravery” for the inspiration found within the lyrics of their song “Believe”.

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    1. Thank you. I am sorry that you can relate to this story. I have taken a peak at your blog (which is excellent so far) and will be following. I hope this journey you are taking has a very happy ending for you.


  1. “I just walk away, usually forever.” I agree, life is to short to surround oneself with other peoples anger and worse hate. (is this redundant?)


    1. I could not agree more. I think anger and hate are very different, hate being much worse indeed. I have been angry with loved ones and recovered from it. However, where there is hate in my heart, there is no hope.


      1. Hate is not something I try to have in me… politicians, religion, bigots, racists though not sure about sexists conjure up disdain for people whom are not just like them, or people who do not see things the same way, which then sometimes if not most times turns the original disdain into hate. Just some thoughts on human nature.

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        1. I should probably clarify… that’s the distinction between anger and hate for me. I don’t easily fall into hate with someone though. For example, the man who is the reason for the trial I have to endure next month – I hate him. He was a stranger to me when he committed multiple felonies inside the 4 walls of my home. There is no hope that he and I will be friends, ever. It’s actually time consuming and energy sucking to hate someone. I wouldn’t expel the effort on anything petty, that’s for certain. 🙂


          1. Thanks for the kind explanation, I did not know it was directly involved. Hate has its place and your situation seems to support that. Wish you well.


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