7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 5, Envy

I felt like I should preface this crazy little acrostic poem by saying that yes, it is written in first person. No, it is not based on any sort of reality. For all of my faults, jealousy is not one of them. It used to be, but that was before I knew that men like my husband do exist. I trust him wholeheartedly so I do not succumb to envy any more.

A green-eyed monster has possessed me.
Jealous on a snooping spree.
Woman on a mission.
Does she think she’s opposition?
Better get this right.
Research his phone all night. I’m smarter
Than the both of them.
The house is in a state of mayhem.
Federal cases have been tried with less. In his
Bureau I found her dress.
Of course his honor he will defend, but this
Investigation spells the end.


Writing Prompt: 7 Deadly Sins

Day 1 ~ Sloth

Day 2 ~ Greed

Day 3 ~ Pride

Day 4 ~ Wrath


Awesome image, Green Eyed Monster, by squishy-jelly-apple on DeviantArt.com.


  1. What is the difference between envy and jealousy? Seems to me jealousy would be more caustic? So when I say I am envious of your poem I am committing a sin…well then, I will say instead I like your poem. Seems time to bring out me Webster.


    1. Thanks Lee! I think they’re the same, but Webster may say otherwise. I guess I see jealousy as a relationship thing (“You think she’s prettier than me, don’t you?”) and envy as a “I wish I could afford a dress like hers” type of thing. That’s based on nothing in particular though. 😉


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