The Next ???? Words…

When I planned the 7 days of deadly sins prompt, it was with the intention of releasing the next 500 words of my book on the Friday that corresponded with “lust”. I was just prepping the post and think maybe I should post 1000+ words instead. I don’t know yet. Either way, check back in! Please note, while I suppose the next passage could stand alone, it really makes a lot more sense if you’ve read The First 1100 Words. I’ve had great feedback so far, so I do hope you’ll give it a look!

The book is intended to be enjoyed by adults, please 18+ only.

Many of the characters in this book are cons or criminals. They use profane language. There are some drug references. Violence should be expected. It contains sexual situations. Remember, I chose to align “lust” with this next passage in particular. It is not excessively graphic but it is the most adult post I’ve made here yet.

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