It’s Almost Here!

Ok, so no poetry today.  However, if you could use a laugh at someone else’s expense, you should still read my post from earlier.

Despite recently learning that it is ill-advised, I still intend to post Chapter 1 in its (censored) entirety tomorrow. Perhaps I should quickly explain. I am the epitome of a novice writer. I have no idea what I am doing. I have a story in my head that wants out so I’m putting it to paper. It has been a while since I posted The First 1100 Words. The moment I did that, it was already too late. I just found out that publishers do not like it at all when any piece of your novel has been published: “Published is published”. Since I didn’t know what I didn’t know, the damage is done. This thing will probably be self-published anyway so I’m not fretting too much. Having said that, I only plan to “give away” the first chapter. Beyond that, you’ll have to volunteer to be my editor, agent, publisher, or a book reviewer to read the rest for free.

Regarding the censoring… I’ve said it before, the sexual material in my book is not gratuitous. It is graphic but not shocking. It is included to further the story, to help you understand the characters, their motives, and their relationships. However, it certainly isn’t appropriate for children under the age of 18. I always warn the reader in these posts, but that’s all I can do to deter little eyes from peeking. Therefore, I feel it is responsible to save that material for those adults who buy the book when it’s finished. I’m NOT censoring language. That takes too much away from the story. Many of my characters are con-men, thieves, and killers. They swear. So I’ll say it again… 18 and up only please!

Ok, regardless of the fact that I may be grounding my career before it ever takes off, I am excited to share the first chapter with you. It is my hope that those of you who give it a “meh” or even a full “thumbs down” will be willing to share constructive criticism. (please note: there is a difference between being constructive and being mean) I also hope that those of you who like it, or even, dare I say, love it, will be anxious to read more once the book is finished. I’m slowly getting there.

As always, thank you for reading my friends. Please, come back tomorrow!

Chapter 1 ~ All of it… Friday

I promised a globetrotting friend that I would release the full first chapter of my book in a single post before he departs on his next journey. So, Friday, June 6, I plan to do just that. If you have read The First 1100 Words and Seven Deadly Sins ~ Day 6, Lust (A passage from my book), you have seen about 2/3 of the first chapter. Friday’s post will include these plus the final 1/3 of the first chapter, as well as little tweaks that have been applied since I released the first sneak peek.

I will likely do as I have done in the past and abbreviate the naughty bits. Maybe not ~ maybe I’ll go full monty. They’re not extreme or gratuitous, but they are “mature”. We will see. I guess you’ll have to visit on Friday to find out what I decided!

The Next ???? Words…

When I planned the 7 days of deadly sins prompt, it was with the intention of releasing the next 500 words of my book on the Friday that corresponded with “lust”. I was just prepping the post and think maybe I should post 1000+ words instead. I don’t know yet. Either way, check back in! Please note, while I suppose the next passage could stand alone, it really makes a lot more sense if you’ve read The First 1100 Words. I’ve had great feedback so far, so I do hope you’ll give it a look!

The book is intended to be enjoyed by adults, please 18+ only.

Many of the characters in this book are cons or criminals. They use profane language. There are some drug references. Violence should be expected. It contains sexual situations. Remember, I chose to align “lust” with this next passage in particular. It is not excessively graphic but it is the most adult post I’ve made here yet.

Get to Know Adam … Tomorrow

I hope you will come back tomorrow for a visit! I am excited to release my first ever character interview. Adam, the first character introduced in my first novel, will be featured. This is something that I’ve never done before. This side project is all about allowing you, the reader, to more deeply explore the back stories of the book’s characters. This does not further the plot of my book. It simply gives you an insight into what makes Adam tick. Here is the premise: Adam is sitting down with a fictitious writer, completely unrelated to me or my book. In this scenario, the writer is doing research on ex-convicts for his book. Throughout other interviews that this writer has conducted, Adam’s name has come up a number of times. Knowing that Adam has quite a rich history, and meets the prerequisite as a former felon, this writer has reached out to Adam and asked if he will share some of his stories. It takes place before the events in my book, but after Adam first met Talia.

There are a few reasons that I have decided to do this:
1. I did extensive character development on every single character in my book, the major and the minor ones. We’re talking all of the people in their lives (most of whom will never be mentioned), pets, beliefs/superstitions, accents, education, salary, living space, transportation, hobbies, addictions, astrology, health history, personal possessions, and even passwords. Most of that will never even make it into the book, especially for minor or supporting characters.
2. It is a fun alternative to simply posting book passages. I really enjoyed being creative in this format.
3. It buys me time to write more book. Seriously folks, I need to get cracking. I don’t want to run out of material to share here before I finish the project. My blog addiction is distracting from the real work!

If you have not already read the opening to my book and would like to before tomorrow, click here to visit The First 1100 Words. It’s been pretty well received so far. Please feel free to add your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, positive or negative. Until tomorrow readers…

Come Back Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Friday, April 11, 2014 I will be posting the first 1000 (unedited) words of my book. Ok, it’s closer to 1100 words, but 1000 sounds better. I’m excited to have more than 1 set of eyes on my project. At the same time, I’m very nervous about putting “my baby” out there, subject to criticism. It is still very much a work in progress. It is entirely likely that the majority of these words will be rearranged by the time the book is completed. Regardless, I did extensive character development before a word was ever written. Even if the words do change, the characters will not. Tomorrow’s passage will introduce you to 3 of them.

After tomorrow’s sneak peek introduces you to the first few characters, future posts will explore their back stories through character interviews. I will continue to give away free looks at the book too, but upcoming excerpts will be shorter than what you get tomorrow. At a point the previews will have to stop so I don’t give up too many of the story’s twists. The goal is to have this thing completed before then so anyone interested can read it in its entirety.

It is important to note that the book is intended for adults, 18+. Many characters are felons and/or sociopathic. There is going to be some crude language. While it’s not Several Hues of a Bland Color, there are graphic scenes (for anyone not getting that reference, the book is not “mommy porn”). One such scene was shortened in tomorrow’s preview to make it more blog friendly. Those scenes are necessary to demonstrate character relationships, further physical descriptions, and develop the manipulative & callous nature of some characters. It is my goal to ensure that those scenes are not excessive or gratuitous.

I really do hope you enjoy the book’s opening. All feedback, good or bad, is welcome in the comments. However, please try to be constructive. I’ve only been writing for a few months. I haven’t developed my thick skin yet. Bear in mind that the editing phase will smooth some rough edges too. Don’t worry, the little orange dude in the featured photo is my editor. I’m in good paws.