Get to Know Adam … Tomorrow

I hope you will come back tomorrow for a visit! I am excited to release my first ever character interview. Adam, the first character introduced in my first novel, will be featured. This is something that I’ve never done before. This side project is all about allowing you, the reader, to more deeply explore the back stories of the book’s characters. This does not further the plot of my book. It simply gives you an insight into what makes Adam tick. Here is the premise: Adam is sitting down with a fictitious writer, completely unrelated to me or my book. In this scenario, the writer is doing research on ex-convicts for his book. Throughout other interviews that this writer has conducted, Adam’s name has come up a number of times. Knowing that Adam has quite a rich history, and meets the prerequisite as a former felon, this writer has reached out to Adam and asked if he will share some of his stories. It takes place before the events in my book, but after Adam first met Talia.

There are a few reasons that I have decided to do this:
1. I did extensive character development on every single character in my book, the major and the minor ones. We’re talking all of the people in their lives (most of whom will never be mentioned), pets, beliefs/superstitions, accents, education, salary, living space, transportation, hobbies, addictions, astrology, health history, personal possessions, and even passwords. Most of that will never even make it into the book, especially for minor or supporting characters.
2. It is a fun alternative to simply posting book passages. I really enjoyed being creative in this format.
3. It buys me time to write more book. Seriously folks, I need to get cracking. I don’t want to run out of material to share here before I finish the project. My blog addiction is distracting from the real work!

If you have not already read the opening to my book and would like to before tomorrow, click here to visit The First 1100 Words. It’s been pretty well received so far. Please feel free to add your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, positive or negative. Until tomorrow readers…

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