Day: April 23, 2014

Cabin 6 in the Woods

“Come with me, you’ve got to see this.
They said there were 5 cabins but I’ve found number 6!”
For 3 days I’d sat, sequestered with my pen.
I was restless and bored, he needn’t tell me again.
I ached for adventure, a trek sounded good.
So blindly I followed him through the dense wood.
I think we hiked for at least 4 miles,
Scratches from thorns had replaced all of my smiles.
Deep into the forest, it was as dark as the night.
Vibrant trees gave way to those starving for light.
A break in the foliage gave way to a shack.
The moment I saw it, I wanted to turn back.
“This door is locked. I will try a window.”
“I’d rather not.” I replied, as I shook my head no.
“Beautiful coward” he assured, “I will protect you.”
To which I countered, “Lets leave so you won’t have to.”
Either he thought me not serious, or just didn’t care,
He found a broken pane and let himself in there.
I remained outside until the place began to glow.
Then I stood transfixed until I heard him bellow.
Instincts drove me from the scene of the attack,
Until a woman’s shriek caused me to look back.
Alive was the thicket, it enveloped that hut,
Obstructing all access; every escape route was shut.
I could hear him weep from within nature’s jail.
In the distance a banshee continued to wail.
Her desperate cries, a paralyzing sound.
I covered my ears and fell to the ground.
A minute, an hour, or maybe almost a day,
How long I lay¬†there, I just couldn’t say.
All was quiet when I opened my eyes.
However, that alone was not the surprise.
Cabin 6 in the woods, it was no longer there.
It and its prisoner disappeared into thin air.






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