Monster Beneath My Bed

I don’t ever want to go to sleep;
There is a monster beneath my bed.
He hisses and taunts; he gets in my head.
I hide under blankets and weep.

Through the darkness I hear him creep.
His presence fills me up with dread.
I don’t ever want to go to sleep;
There is a monster beneath my bed.

Too terrified to make a peep,
I know the demon wants me dead.
That he’ll bleed from me a stream of red,
Just to linger there and watch it seep.
I don’t ever want to go to sleep.


Image courtesy of fanpop.com


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Shadow Stalker

He slinks amidst shadows in the cloak of night.
Evil flows through his veins with wicked intent,
He’s a predator in search of souls to smite.

A horror enticed by desperation’s scent,
He’s a fiendish relic from another age,
He finds sustenance within other’s lament.

His charred face is gnarled in hideous rage,
Eyes burn crimson like the blood of his victims.
He’s ravenous, ruthless and on a rampage.

Once you’re detected, suffering this way comes.
He will rip out your heart, devour your soul,
Your merciful pleas fall upon deaf eardrums.

When done with your spirit, he’ll eat your heart whole,
Leave your husk to rot, and resume his patrol.

Cabin 6 in the Woods

“Come with me, you’ve got to see this.
They said there were 5 cabins but I’ve found number 6!”
For 3 days I’d sat, sequestered with my pen.
I was restless and bored, he needn’t tell me again.
I ached for adventure, a trek sounded good.
So blindly I followed him through the dense wood.
I think we hiked for at least 4 miles,
Scratches from thorns had replaced all of my smiles.
Deep into the forest, it was as dark as the night.
Vibrant trees gave way to those starving for light.
A break in the foliage gave way to a shack.
The moment I saw it, I wanted to turn back.
“This door is locked. I will try a window.”
“I’d rather not.” I replied, as I shook my head no.
“Beautiful coward” he assured, “I will protect you.”
To which I countered, “Lets leave so you won’t have to.”
Either he thought me not serious, or just didn’t care,
He found a broken pane and let himself in there.
I remained outside until the place began to glow.
Then I stood transfixed until I heard him bellow.
Instincts drove me from the scene of the attack,
Until a woman’s shriek caused me to look back.
Alive was the thicket, it enveloped that hut,
Obstructing all access; every escape route was shut.
I could hear him weep from within nature’s jail.
In the distance a banshee continued to wail.
Her desperate cries, a paralyzing sound.
I covered my ears and fell to the ground.
A minute, an hour, or maybe almost a day,
How long I lay there, I just couldn’t say.
All was quiet when I opened my eyes.
However, that alone was not the surprise.
Cabin 6 in the woods, it was no longer there.
It and its prisoner disappeared into thin air.



Photography: http://fav.me/d8ytgbf



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