I Am a Freak

I never really could fit in,
That was my sin.
They did condemn
Those not like them.

They made me want to run and hide.
They crushed my pride.
I was too meek
To be unique.

But now I live my life out loud,
Despite the crowd.
I have grown wise.
My freak flag flies.


“Blessed are the weird people–poets, misfits, writers, mystics…painters & troubadours–for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”  ~Jacob Nordby


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The 7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 1, Sloth

It is day 1 of my 7 days of deadly sins. Today’s prompt is “sloth”. If you decide to play along, please comment with a link to your sloth post. I would love to check it out. Here is my take:

Opportunity never knocks
For idle flocks
It passes by
They wonder why

Stationary and somnolent
Their time is spent
They do not race
When dreams give chase

They wait for life to come their way
In bed they stay
Endlessly stuck
They blame bad luck


Here is the schedule I am planning for the next 6 days:
Monday, May 5 – Greed
Tuesday, May 6 – Pride
Wednesday, May 7 – Wrath
Thursday, May 8 – Envy
Friday, May 9 – Lust
Sunday, May 10 – Gluttony


Oh hey, this is my 100th post here on Carrie Mayhem. Yay!

Candy Girl

Jester for children of royals,
They love her spoils.
Beyond the mask,
They do not ask.

They simply call her Candy Girl.
Her name is Pearl,
But they don’t care,
Just bring more fare.

Greedily they consume her snacks,
Then they attack.
They mock and scoff
And send her off.

Utterly Uninspired

SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ “U”

I had nothing prepared in advance for today. I wrote out a list of ideas for each letter back when this challenge began 20+ days ago. Even then I had absolutely no plans for the letter “U”. I figured that something would come to me eventually. This morning I got my coffee, I sat down, I grabbed the keyboard, and nothing. I read a little, I messed around on Twitter, I updated Facebook, and still nothing. Then I said, out loud, “I am utterly uninspired”. At that moment, this practically wrote itself:

I am utterly uninspired,
Head blank, pen tired.
Try as I may,
Nothing to say.

My mind is comfortably numb,
Wordless outcome.
Makes me crazy,
Brain so hazy.

Looking for a flash in this dark,
Seeking the spark
That lights a fire
And fills my quire.