Utterly Uninspired

SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ “U”

I had nothing prepared in advance for today. I wrote out a list of ideas for each letter back when this challenge began 20+ days ago. Even then I had absolutely no plans for the letter “U”. I figured that something would come to me eventually. This morning I got my coffee, I sat down, I grabbed the keyboard, and nothing. I read a little, I messed around on Twitter, I updated Facebook, and still nothing. Then I said, out loud, “I am utterly uninspired”. At that moment, this practically wrote itself:

I am utterly uninspired,
Head blank, pen tired.
Try as I may,
Nothing to say.

My mind is comfortably numb,
Wordless outcome.
Makes me crazy,
Brain so hazy.

Looking for a flash in this dark,
Seeking the spark
That lights a fire
And fills my quire.

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