Day: March 9, 2014

Friends Are the Family You Choose

Day 6 of Steven Fox Writing’s Alphabet Challenge ~ The letter “F”. I dedicate this poem to the people that know how crazy I am and still choose to be seen with me in public.

I tell them my secrets
With nary a thought.
Every word spilled
Locked in their vault.

The times I gave up,
Laid down and cowered,
They hoisted me up,
Left me empowered.

They are my champions.
They know the real me.
They forgive me my faults
And love unconditionally.

They are my family,
We come in all hues.
The best of friends are
The family you choose.

The above picture was as close as I could get to having my closest friends in one photo. It is missing Michael, Terry, Lee & Julie. Love you guys!