Day: March 20, 2014

Queen of Quite-a-lot

SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ “Q”

Queen of Quite-a-lot, a poem

She commands we serfs
Honor her reign,
Brimming with hubris,
She’s terribly vane.

She flaunts daddy’s cash
But she never shares.
Spending and carousing
Are her only cares.

The value of a fellow
Lies within his wallet.
A meager man’s name?
She wouldn’t recall it.

She buys her friends
Like she buys her shoes.
Deny her a wish
To light her fuse.

She has two for
Every one you’ve got.
She is, after all,
Queen of Quite-a-lot.

Lines and Patterns and Cars, Oh My

Happy birthday to my very talented friend Laura Macky!

Laura Macky Photography

I’m on a black and white mission!

The other day I went to a location to take pictures of a temple, however, I was completely uninspired as I fired off some shots of the building.  I even took some long exposures but there weren’t any clouds in the sky where I needed them to be, and the photos just looked “meh”.   Thinking it was a wasted trip, I was off to find my car in order to leave when all of a sudden I stopped at the point you see below and said to myself, “there’s the shot!”

I remember someone once telling me that even if you think you are going for a particular shot, keep looking around because often the shot you go for isn’t the one you end up liking.  At least for a little old hobbyist like myself.  😛

All Lined Up

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