Lines and Patterns and Cars, Oh My

Happy birthday to my very talented friend Laura Macky!

Laura Macky Photography

I’m on a black and white mission!

The other day I went to a location to take pictures of a temple, however, I was completely uninspired as I fired off some shots of the building.  I even took some long exposures but there weren’t any clouds in the sky where I needed them to be, and the photos just looked “meh”.   Thinking it was a wasted trip, I was off to find my car in order to leave when all of a sudden I stopped at the point you see below and said to myself, “there’s the shot!”

I remember someone once telling me that even if you think you are going for a particular shot, keep looking around because often the shot you go for isn’t the one you end up liking.  At least for a little old hobbyist like myself.  😛

All Lined Up

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