Day: March 10, 2014

Grand Rapids

Steven Fox Writing’s Alphabet Challenge, Day 7, “G” ~ A poem about home: Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Or, Beer City USA,
The place that I love,
Live, work and play.

It’s a city of culture.
It boasts fine cuisine,
Breathtaking landscapes,
And sunsets pristine.

Beaches and fishing,
Symphony, ballet,
Fine artisan markets,
Film fests and Broadway.

Home of Art Prize,
And Blues on the Mall
Swing dance, ice skating
Hockey and baseball.

A remarkable town
Not one to be missed
A visit belongs atop
Of your bucket list.


Photo from Art Prize 2012, courtesy of

Fog in the Trees

Laura Macky Photography

Living close to San Francisco, we get a lot of fog here.  Usually the fog occurs during spring and summer in the mornings, but once in awhile we’ll get that low-lying type probably because we have a lot of hills surrounding us.  Yesterday morning, I looked out our back window and saw the low-lying type.  It was so pretty that I literally jumped up from my computer (where I was reading my WordPress Reader, of course) and snapped this picture.

I took the photo in monochrome on my camera, brought it into photoshop where I adjusted the contrast till I was satisfied, and then brought it into Nik Silver Efex for final adjustments. UPDATED:  I actually tried a suggestion someone made by creating three images in Nik Efex, bringing them into photoshop and then masking to come up with the final image (first one below).  I think it came out…

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