Month: February 2014

Friday 5-7-5

Heart torn from my chest
in your hand it’s still beating
you smile as it dies


You are stronger now
I say farewell ~ I can’t use
what I can’t abuse


That version of me
the best I had to offer
wasn’t good enough


I feel like I am
wandering aimlessly lost
in another’s dream


His lies flow easy
like the swift current of a
turbulent river


My Valentine

He nourishes my senses,
Sustains my soul.
His whispers encompass me,
They swallow me whole.

Passion burns in his eyes,
His aura smolders too.
Tangible is the sensation
Of his shadow passing through.

I sip from his essence
Until I am intoxicated.
Any will I have to resist
Effectively assassinated.

His flesh bleeds sweetness,
I savor every taste.
Each lick, each kiss,
They do not go to waste.

A casualty of his charm,
A slave to his caress,
A captive to this desire,
Because I am obsessed.