Month: January 2014

The Bully

He swung again,
I staggered back.
He was angrier now
Than his last attack.

With malice and fury
His onslaught ensued,
My mouth bleeding
Entire body bruised.

His lips snarled
Around teeth so broken,
He spat hate filled words
I’d never heard spoken.

Then I heard her,
My savior had come,
“What the hell is wrong with you?
Just look what you’ve done!”

His eyes narrowed
Loathing without disguise.
But she continued,
“Pick on one your own size!”

The focus of his rage
Deviated from me.
This unruly girl
Became his newest enemy.

She didn’t stop.
Her voice gathered steam.
“Does no one love you?
Why are you so mean?”

Bristled, disheartened,
At the last thing she said,
No one did love him,
He wished he were dead.

“Just let me guess,
You have it so bad.
Were you left by Mom
And beaten by Dad?

You think you’re alone?
Welcome to my life.
This poor boy
Did not cause your strife.”

I bore witness as
Humanity reclaimed him.
Tears filled his eyes
And spilled over the rim.

Her tone changed,
For the first time seemed meek.
She reached for his face,
Wiped a tear from his cheek.

He snatched her hand.
He yanked her near,
And in that moment
She registered fear.

Then he did something
We didn’t expect.
He embraced her tightly
And he openly wept.

She whispered tenderly
When his eyes ran dry,
“I’ll be your safe place,
If want me nearby.”

With a nod of his head
His furor subsided.
He turned and he said,
“I’m sorry for what I did.”

Witness to a miracle,
I could hold no ill will.
Visible his regret
I remember it still.

Hand in hand
She led him away.
Two souls became one
In an alley that day.

Your Pen

With your pen as your wand
You cast your spell.
I am entranced
By the power
Of the words you have written.
Exhilaration overwhelms me
With each new sentence.
My heart pounds harder.
A tingling sensation
Erupts from the pit of my soul.
The hand that graced those pages
Grasps relentlessly at my heart.
I try to ward it off,
My resistance futile.
The echoes of your voice
Are ever present
In my mind.
Each passing day
Finds me repeating more frequently
Your stanzas to myself.
Desperate to tell you,
Yet trapped in another life.
My unavailable heart,
Drives me mad,
Begs me to tell you
Of how it is consumed
By the silence of your pen,
The danger in your words,
And the excitement of each new page.
For now my mind
Denies my heart its deepest desires,
Forcing yet another addition
To the secrets of my soul.

Connect With Me

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The glint in your eye.
The dimple on your cheek.
The way your skin
Would frame your lips
With parentheses
When you’d smile.
Like a drug,
I craved that
Look of amusement
Upon your face.
I’d do anything.
I’d become anyone.
Such a small sacrifice
For such a beautiful reply.
My willingness
Made you happy.
You led and I followed.
The path down which
You have taken me
Has now narrowed
With the overgrowth
Of weeds and vines.
You have long since
Ventured ahead,
Happily pioneering,
Continuing to cut through
Obstacles and make your way
Down the uncharted
Paths of life,
Leaving your passenger behind.
I’m still here.
Now lost.
Trapped in a world
Not of my design.
I’ve become someone else,
Someone unrecognizable.
To continue behind you
Would be to stray further
From myself.
So I must turn back.
I will find my way
Using the pieces of me
That I dropped like breadcrumbs
As I followed you into darkness,
Until I have collected them all
Making me whole
And leading me home.

Unholy Death

In my mind where Satan doth tease,
His presence takes upon me its toll.
He offers my mind’s immortality
If I’ll only negotiate my soul.

Reign with him o’er the Valley of Death,
The Reaper extends to me his hand.
Seems a thrilling temptation, nay, exalted escape
From a life that I cannot stand.

Though nearer glance at digits so grizzly
Sets before me the revelation,
‘Tis naught to be gained by an unholy death
Upon succumbing to the ultimate sin.

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