Push For Help

Yesterday we said good-bye to the wonderfully sweet Eloise, who was the inspiration for the “Betty White” character in this comedic short story. She was just 5 days shy of her 100th birthday. She will be missed. It was an honor just to know her.
“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Carrie Mayhem

“Why do I always cut it so close?” I thought to myself. I checked the time on my phone, 12:55pm. I had 5 minutes to get to the meeting. Realistically I had 10. This case had been pretty drawn out. All parties involved were familiar with my chronic tardiness. I removed my jewelry, dropped it into a dish with my phone and placed it next to my purse on the x-ray belt. I stepped up to the metal detector and waited to be waived through. It was my lucky day. My bra’s underwire didn’t trigger buzzers nor sirens, a rare occasion indeed. I skated by, picked up my belongings, and headed to the elevators. I glanced at my phone, 12:57pm. I smiled to myself and thought, “I’m practically early.”

A number of elevators arrived at the ground floor simultaneously. My lucky streak continued. The vast majority of the crowd piled into…

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The Apple

My grandson will be here in less than 3 weeks! This Throwback Thursday honors the powerful bond between a grandmother and her grandchild.

Carrie Mayhem

Ben Turner burst through the door, kicked off his shoes, dropped his backpack and ran into the kitchen. As expected, a shiny red apple awaited him on the counter. Without word, he snatched the apple and climbed into a bar stool to enjoy it.

“Hungry today Benny?” Asked Grandma, as she took inventory of the contents of the kitchen.  Ben smiled through his mouth full of apple and nodded excitedly.

He loved everything about having Grandma live at his house. Even getting her moved in last summer was a great adventure. Ben got to ride with Daddy in a big truck all the way to Grandma’s. He felt so grown-up as he helped carry boxes and possessions from her house to the truck. All the way back home he and Grandma sang and laughed.

On his first day of third grade, Ben came home to find the largest, most succulent…

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This is Your Life…

The Fight Club movie was released to theaters 15 years ago yesterday. I dedicate this Throwback Thursday to one of my all-time favorite flicks.

Carrie Mayhem

This ailing society
Is no magistrate.
Your choices are your own.
Life isn’t subject to approval,
And taste isn’t universal.
It’s your tale; Write the
Ending. Live the adventure.
One day you will be silenced; One
Minute a narrator, the next a flashback.
At that moment, your story is locked.
A legacy can’t be altered from the grave. The
Time for editing is upon you.

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The pic attached to this post was taken last October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) in response to a friend’s “Go Braless Day” photo challenge. I’m also getting kicked around by rejection after rejection, which is the topic of the poem. Those things considered, I couldn’t find a more perfect Throwback Thursday reblog.

Carrie Mayhem

My soul is on display
All the world’s a critic,
Subject to their judgment
Vicious and sadistic.

Navigating within this dream
Vulnerable and naked,
Put before prying eyes
Only to be degraded.

Shackled by the fully veiled
The ridicule they impose,
If I could, I’d run away
And put back on my clothes.

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