The Damned

Accumulating the souls of evil-doers was boresome. By the time they arrived in Hell, they were haggard, broken, their nefarious ways lost with their humanity. The infinite number of vanquished souls, shrieking throughout eternity, begging him for mercy, could no longer placate Lucifer’s restless spirit. They were barely husks, depleted by an afterlife of torture. While their misery was satisfying, it was not stimulating. No, they could not engage him like he could the living.

Mankind lined up to serve The Dark Lord, lazy individuals seeking a shortcut to notoriety. Together, he and his entourage amassed an empire, fame born of envy, desire, and relentless promotion. Their exploits were renown. Beautiful people threw exclusive affairs, parties where alcohol flowed like blood, dark rooms behind closed doors echoed with the sounds of lust, and lucrative handshakes bound the souls of men to the service of Satan. The media clamored over vapid stories of privilege and glitz.

Their willingness to sacrifice eternity for a photo with him on the cover of a magazine left The Devil incensed. It was too easy. Society was no more challenging than the phantom remnants of The Damned. His efforts were not wasted, however. His proximity to immorality and relationships with the depraved certainly made it easier to identify and gather wicked souls.


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The 7 Deadly Sins ~ Day 1, Sloth

It is day 1 of my 7 days of deadly sins. Today’s prompt is “sloth”. If you decide to play along, please comment with a link to your sloth post. I would love to check it out. Here is my take:

Opportunity never knocks
For idle flocks
It passes by
They wonder why

Stationary and somnolent
Their time is spent
They do not race
When dreams give chase

They wait for life to come their way
In bed they stay
Endlessly stuck
They blame bad luck


Here is the schedule I am planning for the next 6 days:
Monday, May 5 – Greed
Tuesday, May 6 – Pride
Wednesday, May 7 – Wrath
Thursday, May 8 – Envy
Friday, May 9 – Lust
Sunday, May 10 – Gluttony


Oh hey, this is my 100th post here on Carrie Mayhem. Yay!