A Wolf

You are a wolf in sheep’s clothes,
Walking unseen by your foes.
I have listened to your lies,
Found the truth inside your eyes,
You believe that no one knows.

I heard you howl in the throes
Of your narcissistic woes.
I can see through your disguise.
You are a wolf.

Your barbaric nature shows
As your audacity grows,
Casting uncredited cries
Carelessly into the skies.
In due time I will expose…
You are a wolf.



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The Ice Queen Awakens

The Ice Queen awakens from slumber deep
Irked that Mother Nature stirred her from sleep.
Promptly she devises a wily plot
To silence everything within earshot.
With a frosty yawn, cold begins to seep;

Seeking warm haven, the birds cease to cheep.
She then sets her sights on the trees to threap.
With a polar hand, she gives them a swat.
The Ice Queen awakens…

Dead, leaves plunge from branches into a heap.
With a jeer she says, “You get what you reap.”
Joyous echos fade off ’til she hears naught.
She’s attained quiescence with this onslaught.
She savors the hush in her glacial keep.
The Ice Queen awakens…




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I Am a Monster

I am a monster, callous, cold,
In a mask that reads “heart of gold”.
I’ll touch your soul, make you love me,
I’ll blind you ’til I’m all you see.
You are useful when you’re controlled.

Listen carefully and behold
The only truth I’ve ever told.
There is still time for you to flee~
I am a monster.

I’ll help you into my blindfold,
And knife you with that hand you hold.
Tell you this is how it must be,
Repeat that until you agree,
Then I will leave you unconsoled.
I am a monster.


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Blue Spruce Motel

Come stay with us, we’ll take good care.
There’s no reason to stay elsewhere.
Check into the Blue Spruce Motel;
We’re so fond of our clientele.

Once they have entered, so few dare
To ever leave their cozy lair.
They’re helplessly under our spell,
Come stay with us…

Wake up here from your dark nightmare.
We take great joy in your despair.
We’re far off, go ahead and yell,
For no one hears your screams in hell.
We keep the guests that we ensnare.
Come stay with us…






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You Left Me

You left me to endure alone,
The only love I’d ever known.
You enticed me, pulled me astray,
Tore out my soul, left it to fray.
I am withering on my own.

There is no fire and no brimstone.
There’s just a world of monotone.
Void of color, my skies are gray.
…You left me…

Adrift within the great unknown,
My senses deadened to the bone.
You are a thief; I was your prey.
You stole my heart and went away,
A bandit with a core of stone.
…You left me…






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