Shades of Bedlam

The evil nourished by darkness
Lurking behind murky shadows,
There lies in wait the huntress
Seething with hatred for her foes.

The sun tries to protect them from
The evil nourished by darkness,
But she pulls the shades of bedlam
Leaving her enemies sightless.

She’s nimble, lethal, and callous.
She is empowered by the night.
The evil nourished by darkness
Can paralyze a man with fright.

She will skin her victim alive,
In a moment leave him bloodless.
There is no man who can survive
The evil nourished by darkness.






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Mayhem Universe

Some of you may have noticed that my blogging schedule has become sporadic at best. That is because I am spending most of my free time in the Mayhem Universe. Don’t worry; I’ll be back to posting soon. I look forward to catching up on the reading of my favorite blogs too.

I intend to release a collection of short stories, all related to the origins of the heroes and villains of my Mayhem Universe, later this year. Please look for more posts regarding my book, Mayhem Genesis.

In the meantime, catch the evolution of a universe in progress HERE.

I Am a Monster

I am a monster, callous, cold,
In a mask that reads “heart of gold”.
I’ll touch your soul, make you love me,
I’ll blind you ’til I’m all you see.
You are useful when you’re controlled.

Listen carefully and behold
The only truth I’ve ever told.
There is still time for you to flee~
I am a monster.

I’ll help you into my blindfold,
And knife you with that hand you hold.
Tell you this is how it must be,
Repeat that until you agree,
Then I will leave you unconsoled.
I am a monster.


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Baan the Deathlord

Slayer of men, Baan the Deathlord,
Most fearsome of the dragon horde.
The harbinger of violence,
He’s a killer of innocence.

For thousands of years he has soared,
Slayer of men, Baan the Deathlord,
Plucking infants from mother’s arms
With no remorse for those he harms.

Few who behold him live to tell
The story of their brush with hell.
Slayer of men, Baan the Deathlord,
He’s immune to a mortal’s sword.

In charred rubble he leaves behind
The ruination of mankind.
A wrathful beast to be abhorred,
Slayer of men, Baan the Deathlord.


~Baan the Deathlord will make his return. Watch for upcoming posts in the “Mayhem Universe” category. Our superheroes will be joining forces soon. Their combined powers will draw attention and ire from Baan.


Photo Subject: Spike-Backed River Dragon by Arend Smith, a magnificent ArtPrize 2014 entry. Mayhem Universe’s Baan is a red dragon, so I sullied Mr. Smith’s masterpiece with a bit of photo editing. Here is his stunning creation in its intended color.





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