Baan the Deathlord

Slayer of men, Baan the Deathlord,
Most fearsome of the dragon horde.
The harbinger of violence,
He’s a killer of innocence.

For thousands of years he has soared,
Slayer of men, Baan the Deathlord,
Plucking infants from mother’s arms
With no remorse for those he harms.

Few who behold him live to tell
The story of their brush with hell.
Slayer of men, Baan the Deathlord,
He’s immune to a mortal’s sword.

In charred rubble he leaves behind
The ruination of mankind.
A wrathful beast to be abhorred,
Slayer of men, Baan the Deathlord.


~Baan the Deathlord will make his return. Watch for upcoming posts in the “Mayhem Universe” category. Our superheroes will be joining forces soon. Their combined powers will draw attention and ire from Baan.


Photo Subject: Spike-Backed River Dragon by Arend Smith, a magnificent ArtPrize 2014 entry. Mayhem Universe’s Baan is a red dragon, so I sullied Mr. Smith’s masterpiece with a bit of photo editing. Here is his stunning creation in its intended color.





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    1. I’m working on Baan’s origin story right now. Murder, chaos ~ I certainly see the allure in writing horror. Actually, I’d like to pick your twisted mind sometime. I need to create more monsters & villains and that’s something you do very well. 🙂


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