Day: October 2, 2014


My blog redesign is complete! OK, maybe “complete” isn’t the appropriate word, but it is certainly very close. I’m actually quite pleased with the result. Changes include:

– Links to pages are across the top of the page instead of along the side.
– My About page has been rewritten.
– I have added a Short Story glossary page.
– A Photo Gallery has been added.
– Several links and navigation tools have been added for ease of use.
– A Poetic Forms glossary is under construction. If you are a poet, please take a look at this and consider contributing! The more knowledge that is shared, the more beneficial this section will be.

I had fun with this. It reminded me of a job I used to have. Well, sort-of… I got the pleasure of doing the work without any interference from incompetent upper management, delays due to lazy co-workers, or self-entitled department heads demanding a rush because of their inability to prioritize. So yeah, way better than that job. Anyway, if you are working on a redesign for your blog and run into a snag, I’d actually like to help. Just hit me up!


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Bound to You

You found me roaming perdition.
Don’t ever send me back.
Know that you complete me.
What you have, I lack.
You liberated my heart.
Are you a hero or an angel?
Alive by cause of your love.
For which I am so grateful.
Until time ends I’ll stand true.
You honor me with devotion.
Know allegiance like never gauged.
What you need, that I become.
You will want for nothing.
Would you lay down your life for me?
Die for us? I’d not blink twice,
For I have found my destiny.


This poem was just one that was published in “Emily Sturgill’s Help Wanted: Poets please apply” anthology earlier this year. Read this and many more brilliant pieces by downloading your copy HERE. It’s FREE today! Emily’s collection covers a myriad of topics and includes 19 different poets, all from the WordPress community.


Photo is a wallpaper image available at


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