Jagged flames shimmer
Like a serrated knife,
A magnificent danger
Built by one man’s strife.

Surrounding him with safety
His barriers burn tall,
An entrancing glory,
A most lethal wall.

Breathtaking fireworks,
Like a bomb they tick,
Glorious flares beckon
Enticing me with magic.

So serene and calm
The fire cradles him there,
Safety from agony,
Shelter from despair.

It is beside him
That I long to stand,
Willingly I approach
When he offers me his hand.

Engulfed within his rampart,
Distracted by its majesty,
I barely even notice that
I’ve been burned completely.



Photography: http://fav.me/d8wqfdp



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Burn It to the Ground

I will burn it to the ground
If you won’t say you love me.
You’ve never seen the crazy
By which I’ve been crowned.

Reducing life to an ember mound
On a serial arson spree.
I will burn it to the ground
If you won’t say you love me.

Just three words or I am bound
To make this thing get nasty,
I will dispense carnage vastly,
I’ll hunt you like a hellhound.
I will burn it to the ground.



Photography: http://fav.me/d8wcqlb



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